People accuse Kim Kardashian of paying paparazzi to Photoshop His photos


The Kardashian / Jenners have had their fair share of photoshop chess, but whatever it may be, they do not seem to be able to stop losing weight and change the color of their eyes. Will the famous fam learn someday? Probably not, but as long as they continue to weaken and change, we will enjoy the hilarity that their photoshop fails. Everyone loves the conspiracy theory on a good photoshop store, and this one is MAJOR. People accuse the Kardashians of having paid for paparazzi images in Photoshop even before being delivered to the photo agencies for distribution. It seems a little crazy. I mean, when did celebrities ever work with the pops? Usually, both parties have a rather controversial relationship. But hey, the Kardashians did not like anything more than a photoshopped photo so I could see it happen … Insta account @fakegirlsfvckya brought to our attention a particular incident, showing a picture of Kim at Nobu in a denim super cool on denim look: The photo on the left is a snapshot, while the one on the right is a fan photo. Although Kim looks sip in both cases, it seems that Kim's waist and hips have been altered on the left picture, which may prove that the photographer used Photoshop before distributing the Photo. Honestly, I would not be surprised if the Karjenners paid a little money for a slight touch up. Khloé Kardashian has disabled comments on his Instagram account, and no, it's not because of the scandal Tristan Thompson / Jordyn Woods. She disabled them after her fans called her for a supposed photoshop failure on a recent photo. The picture shows Khloe in a gleaming bodycon suit, and she looks great, except for the fact that something seems a little … Fans quickly pointed out that Khloe's proportions were not correct. Namely, his head is too big and his thighs very small. Obviously, people have gone into comments.

Although you can still comment on this photo, she has since disabled comments on her most recent photos, but that does not mean that people will stop noticing when, eventually, she may become a bit too heavy with it. mounting tool.

Thumbs down

Although this Insta Khloe is absolutely beautiful, fans have quickly pointed out that something great happens with his left thumb on the photo. We do not know exactly what it is. At first glance, it almost looks like a black line running over his finger. It might be just a shadow, but some speculate that it's a photoshop failure, as it looks like Khloe has two inches. You have to look very closely, but when you see it, you can not see it.

North implies

The fans were not happy when it seemed that Kim had taken her editing tool to North's body, which made her look slimmer in a holiday photo. The Instagram account @fakegirlsfvck pointed to Kim's photo Instagrammed, comparing it to the original photo of paparazzi. Although a sepia-like filter was added to Kim's photo, it also seemed that North had his head narrowed, as well as his waistline. Of course, the fans were not happy, saying that shopping with a five-year-old girl was too far away. Do you think Kim photographed North in the photo? Decide for yourself.

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Eye for Photoshop

Kim's eyes looked so bright and clear in her Instagram account for promoting KKW Beauty. But when the dressing table turned the same picture, the fans noticed that she had much darker eyes in the Chris's plan. In fact, they look dark in all other cases. photo of Kim already When you look at the pictures side by side, the difference is remarkable. Kim visibly lit up her brown eyes on the photo she posted.

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No Butts about it

The last thing you would expect from Kim Kardashian is to give him an ass look smaller on a photo, but that's what happened during a promotional campaign of KKW Beauty. Fans accuse Kim of having photoshopping her buttocks, which look much smaller than in advertising. It could be just the angle or the lighting, but this end does not look like that of star belfie Kim K.

Staying with Photoshop fails

OK, let's dive in. Here is a picture of all your favorite sisters (and Kris), promoting the new season of The amazing Kardashian family.

Notice something weird? Of course, apart from the fact that apparently everyone was told to wear black, with the exception of Kim. Or maybe she just decided not to follow the rules because she is the star of the show anyway. In case you could not say what's wrong with this photo, take a look at one of the three older sisters where the failure of Photoshop failed is really obvious.

OK, you have to see it now. Kim, Khloé and Kourtney all have the same height! Or at least about the same height. In reality, Kim and Kourtney are MUCH shorter than Khloe. Kim measures 5 feet 3 inches, Kourtney 5 "1" and Khloe 5 "10". And it's not even as if the heels made the difference because the three sisters wear them. For reference, here's what Kim, Khloé and Kourt Actually look like standing side by side.

Photo Credit: Larry Marano – Getty ImagesPlus

You can not go wrong E!<h3 class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "I Photoshop in my Calvins "data-reactid =" 235 "> I Photoshop in my calvins

Advertising for Kardashian / Jenner's Calvin Klein was a resounding success, featuring the famous celebrity in the brand's underwear and sumptuous denim. But one of the images of the campaign left a lot of people puzzled. Let's zoom in to really see the problem.

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Here it is! Look at Kourt's right arm (or his absence). What's going on here? Is it lighting? Or is it the edition? Whatever the case may be, Kourtney's strangely long wrist does not seem to be going well.

Walls and corrugated floors

This super sexy picture of Kendall is perhaps too beautiful to be true. If you look at the wall to his left, there is a wave of meaning, which means that it's probably thinned before publishing the photo. In addition, what happens to the right of this photo? The walls do not bend at this angle. But KJ is not the only one to be caught in curved wall photos. Khloe was called for the same reason, although she was enlargement his leg, not slimming it.

Photo credit: InstagramPlus

It turns out that Khloe's right leg is 1.5 times smaller than his left, because of degenerative muscle tissue after several surgeries as a result of a brutal car crash. This is not the first time she's using Photoshop to fix the problem. "Yes, I did it with Photoshop, but I was trying to make my thinner leg bigger than that of the other leg !!!" she explained on her website. "All I want is big thick thighs and I hate the thinness of my legs." Of course, Kim was also taken with strangely wavy backgrounds. She came when she met Blac Chyna to take the belfry and put an end to all the bells. Fans quickly pointed to the wavy tiles next to Kim's thigh, suggesting that she had thinned her legs a bit. This is not the only time Kim has been called for folding the intransmissible. It's still happened when she posted this mirror selfie. Take a look at the door frame next to his right thigh. Even mom Kris participated in the action. When she posted this picture showing a new tea to lose weight, many quickly reported the frivolous wood under her arm.

Kar Kardashian

It's not just people who are losing weight in Kardashian's photos. When Kim attended the March 4 Our Lives, she posted many photos of the event on Instagram, including a photo of her walking in a parking lot. It is on this picture that fans have noticed that something really was not going well. Look at this "car" on the right (if you can even call it a car, I mean, what is that same thing?). It does not seem like the rest of the photo is published, but why does this car look so great ?!

Baby Bump Be Gone

A few months before Khloe announced her pregnancy, she posted this picture with Tristan Thompson on Instagram. Fans quickly noticed that Tristan's hand looked strangely fuzzy and that it seemed that Khloe had refined his belly. We now know that she was probably trying to remove the signs of her hump before being ready to tell the world.

Missing: Leg

Kourtney's wrist was not the only casualty of Calvin Klein's photoshoots. In a previous campaign, Kylie seemed to have lost a leg.

Photo credit: calvin kleinMore

And before you say it, no, it's not bent under his body, because we could then see his foot go out to the left. And it's not lying behind his sisters, because we could see him in the gap between Khloe and Kim. It's just not there.

Good jeans

While Kylie is known for her buttocks, it was pretty obvious that she enlarged her backside in this post for Fashion Nova. Not only do the pockets look extremely elongated, but also the belt buckle on the back. Kylie should now have her enviable bottom and she should never enlarge them!Carolyn Twersky is the editor-in-chief of To follow her Twitter and Instagram!
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