Throwback: When Saif Ali Khan "lied" and "hid" Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan to her girlfriend Rosa

Saif Ali Khan, Rosa, Amrita Singh

Pataudi's Nawab, Saif Ali Khan, has always had a way with the ladies. To be this charming little boy next door to the man of machismo and great intellect; Saif has really come a long way in the past three days. However, more than his professional life, it is always his personal life that has resonated most with the public.
After marrying a much older Amrita Singh, had two children, went through a showdown, then found Kareena and fell in love with her; The love of Saif was a real roller coaster. And yet, very few people know that between Amrita Singh and Kareena Kapoor Khan, there was another woman in the life of Saif Ali Khan – Rosa Catalano. Rosa is a Swiss model born and raised in Italy. Rosa and Saif met for the first time during a shoot in Kenya and were immediately drawn to each other. One thing led to another and the duo could be seen everywhere together – parties, awards, events, photo shoots, etc.
Saif had recently left Amrita Singh and was taking full advantage of her newfound freedom. However, their love story was as short as that of Rosa in India. In an old interview, Rosa had revealed that she was unaware of Saif's marital status, the existence of Amrita Singh, the existence of her two children, Sara and Ibrahim, and his divorce. The model had revealed that she had learned everything about her after arriving in India. Before that, Saif had secretly hidden everything from her.
But over time, Rosa became very friendly with Saif's children and when Saif and her separated, Rosa had more difficulties since her attachment to her children. According to a Cosmopolitan report, Rosa said, "I wondered what happened, why, and how, but a person grows up and realizes things, even if they are shocking, and you do not know what others think. or do. " One person can not do this because the effort must be deployed on both sides. It takes two people for something to work, otherwise, it's like we're on the same boat, a person wanting to go well and the other wanting goes left. "