Madeleine McCann's parents are not in Netflix's documentary about her disappearance


Madeleine McCann is the subject of the latest Netflix documentary, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Although they only arrived on the streaming platform on Friday (March 15), the series of eight episodes has already proved controversial – broadly because of what Maddie & # 39; s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, had to say about it.

Madeleine McCann, three years old, from Leicestershire

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The real crime documentary series wants to do an in-depth investigation into the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann, who disappeared from a resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal, while she was away with her family. Since then, she has become the most famous missing child in the world, after years of extensive searches, unverified observations, investigations, and widespread media coverage.
The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann contains new interviews with friends of the McCann family and researchers who have worked on the case. With existing interviews, archive material and re-enactments, it tries to bring together the extraordinary circumstances surrounding Madeleine's disappearance and the subsequent investigation.

Kate and Gerry McCann

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Two people who did not testify for the film were Madeleine & # 39; s mother and father, Kate and Gerry McCann. They refused to participate in the project and have emphasized that the series does not reflect their opinion. In anticipation of the release of the Netflix show, the parents of Madeleine claimed that the documentary "could potentially hinder their experience of their missing daughter". In a statement, the McCanns said: "The production company told us they were making the documentary and asked us to participate.

Two people who did not give their testimony for the film were Madeleine's father and mother

"We have not seen – and still do not see – how this program will help the search for Madeleine and, in particular if an active police investigation is taking place, this could potentially hamper it.
"Consequently, our views and preferences are not reflected in the program." On the day The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann fell, the McCanns spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell shared further thoughts on behalf of the family during an interview This morning. "This feeds those conspiracy theorists, there are entire websites and forums dedicated to defamation [Kate and Gerry] and others around them, including myself, & # 39; said Mitchell. & # 39; It is nonsense. If the accusations that have been refuted and discounted are resubmitted, I am afraid it will fuel that. Kate and Gerry ignore all of that. & # 39;

Kate McCann and Gerry McCann give press conference after the disappearance of daughter Madeleine McCann

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Kate and Gerry McCann: Who are Madeleine McCann's parents and what are they doing now?

Both British doctors, Kate and Gerry have three children: Madeleine and her twin brothers. On the night of Madeleine's disappearance in May 2007, her parents went out to eat (55 meters from their holiday apartment, according to The Guardian). They each returned to see their children at different times, but when Kate checked in at 10 p.m., she discovered that Madeleine was missing and the police were called. What followed was an investigation by the Portuguese police, as well as questions from the British police. Finally, Scotland Yard & # 39; s Operation Grange investigation has a formal investigation by Met Police into its 2013 disappearance (via BBC news).

British police are looking for the ground for missing British girl Madeleine McCann at Praia Da Luz 2014

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At the end of 2018, this study received its latest in a series of six-month extensions, which it will continue until 31 March (via BBC news). In May 2011, on Madeleine's eighth birthday, Kate published a memoir, Madeleine: the disappearance of our daughter and the constant search for her. Madeleine McCann's parents still hope that one day they will find their daughter. They continue to share updates on their website, along with information from the case. In May 2018, 11 years after her disappearance, the McCanns announced that "information continues to come in" and that "they are still trying to do everything necessary to find her".