Fan or not, the Kardashians have trapped you in their scandalous web

Since 2007, the Kardashian family has gathered millions of eager and sometimes desperate viewers to take a closer look at the crazy life to be true of a family based in Calabasas. These women – with their partners, their children, and their close friends – may have spawned more businesses, cultural moments, and franchises than any other group of people in the 21st century. As a unit, they form an unmissable and perfectly defined juggernaut. But it's the most watched and most controversial family in America (the one not in the White House) with its own set of burdens. How do you stay relevant? How can you not only maintain a totally dramatic lifestyle, but also generate different drama every season, all with the same cast? (The main family remained consistent – with the exception of Caitlyn Jenner leaving the series in 2017.) In the first few months of 2019 alone, the family faced more "scandals" and defining moments. for his career as most other celebrities in a year: Travis Scott played the controversial Super Bowl and may have secretly offered to Kylie Jenner to go there. Kylie threw her daughter Stormi Webster the first craziest birthday party. Kim Kardashian West announced that she and her wife were expecting a fourth child. Tristan Thompson cheated Khloé Kardashian with the best friend now excommunicated from Kylie ( and former roommate) Jordyn Woods. Kourtney Kardashian could go out with Travis Barke from Blink-182 r. Kylie is the the youngest billionaire "self-taught" to have ever existedIt's the only month of March. As an avid consumer of all that is Kardashian, I noticed that these huge "scandals" tend to dissipate before the first season of The amazing Kardashian family, the family for a long time E! reality show. (March 31 marks the beginning of the 16th season of the series, let it sink in.) The joke is that the devil is working hard, but Kris Jenner is working harder – but is that right? Is there a tendency for a Kardashian scandal? And it works? There is only one way to find out. Much like the launch of a new album, it becomes clear that each recent Kardashian "drop" follows a distinct, but fuzzy scenario: the first idea of ​​a rumor was leaked to a tabloid site, where it then enters the public sphere. Other outlets are beginning to be interested in it, and mass speculation is turning the tiny spark of the rumor into a real fire. The sisters then turn to social media to influence the scandal, confirming and denying the aspects that make it a narrative. (For example, with the Tristan-Khloe scandal, Khloe turned Jordyn's story as a "house destroyer" to a 21-year-old unfaithful man of Tristan.) original chatter, additional stories about the family coming out, keeping the fire burning. This only lasts a few weeks, until the fire goes out when The amazing Kardashian family first and the family presents new lines of conspiracy for the fans to take. They feed us with spoons with our daily consumption of insane gossip and, like Pavlov's dog, we are still salivating for more, even if we do not watch the show. Four weeks of new Kardashian nonstop and we are immersed in their lives. It's insidious, it's great. The zero of most Kardashian scandals is TMZ. This tabloid site is notoriously the first to "break" any news of Kardashian, according to internal sources and direct contact with someone who knows a lot about it. lot more about the family than you or me. "Trustworthy" and "TMZ" may not be two commonly associated words, but whatever their headlines, the site is almost always right. The gossip site of Harvey Levin, in Hollywood, is the mouth of the tap for the news of this family. As the New Yorker wrote in a 2016 talk on TMZ, many celebrities come directly to the site with tips and, more importantly, an angle. In the fall of 2017, TMZ announced that Kylie was pregnant with a short message late Friday afternoon, only two weeks after the rumor, Kim and Kanye were expecting their third child. Neither Kylie nor her sisters commented on the legitimacy of the request. Instead, the notoriously public Khloé Kardashian, 20, is hiding at home to live her pregnancy privately. She then announced that she was pregnant with her first child with Thompson. Kylie would not confirm her own pregnancy until the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, 2018 – three days after delivery. On February 6, she posted the first picture of Stormi, which would become the most popular publication on Instagram until "the egg".

And what happened during all this news about pregnancy? The tenth anniversary of the series. On October 1, after Kylie's pregnancy was "disclosed" to TMZ and speculation about it occurred, wildThe current timeline is as follows: September 6, 2017: TMZ reports that KimYe is expecting a third child, their first through the surrogate. September 22, 2017: TMZ announces that Kylie is pregnant with Travis Scott. September 26, 2017: US Weekly states that Khloe is pregnant with Tristan Thompson. October 1, 2017: season 14 of KUWTK top firsts with average audience, according to During this period of great media speculation (and fans in general), no family member has confirmed or denied the rumors. According to one Forbes January 2018 article, the notes of the season 14 have improved in parallel with the scandals. (Most watched KUWTK The episode so far was Kim's wedding in 2011 with Kris Humphries, which had attracted 10.5 million viewers.) Compare Kylie's chronology of pregnancy to the cheating scenario that has just unfolded. February 19, 2019: TMZ reports that Jordyn Woods was chatting with Tristan Thompson at a party. Khloé Kardashian reacts immediately on social media, commenting an article about the rumor in an encrypted way.February 20, 2019: Kim Kardashian West is the first member of the family to have officially reacted on social media. February 26, 2019: Khloe Kardashian tackles the drama directly with a March 1, 2019: Jordyn Woods continues his work on Jada Pinkett Smith Red talk Facebook show.3 March 2019: Khloé Kardashian blames, then apologizes to, Jordyn Woods.March 4, 2019: Travis Scott allegedly caught cheating on Kylie Jenner.March 31, 2019: Season 16 of KUWTK Although pregnancy and unfaithfulness are two different types of tragedy, a clear strategy emerges when comparing the terms of 2017 to 2019: the two situations take place one month before the first of the season. But, in 2019, instead of greeting the rumors with silence, the family enters the ring to confirm or directly invalidate rumors on social networks. As we saw last month, Khloé and Kim love, tweet and answer fans' questions about the Tristan-Jordyn hubbub. If something is true, they will take into account. If something goes wrong, they will let us know. And the whole rigamarole fuels the appetite of fans for the new season of KUWTK. It's a trend, let's see another major Kardashian moment of 2018, just between Kylie's pregnancy and Khloe's cheating grief: the sister quarrel. Do you remember when Kourtney, Kim and Khloé decided that they were all hating each other? And Kourtney went to therapy, and Kim laughed at her for that? And did Kourtney's therapist convince her that her mother, Kris, was at the root of all her problems during her adult life? It looks like a fake Feud. Unlike the scandals of 2017 and 2019, it was teased only by promotional clips and trailers for Season 15 of the series. We were in August 2018 – baby news was all known, Kanye West was not yet making regrettable comments about Donald Trump, and a simple feud between brothers was an easy-to-remember story that drew attention. It worked. Outlets noted that Kim and Kourtney had not photographed together recently, and they assumed that the relationship was degrading before our eyes. Kim basically called Kourtney basic (the ultimate insult), and even their manager chose his side (#TeamKim). This is how it happened: August 3, 2018: KUWTK tease the quarrel. August 22, 2018: The quarrel continues on both the show and IRL. Kourtney and Kim bicker on Twitter after each episode aired. September 27, 2018: Kourtney curses Kim who is a clown and a snob.On October 31, 2018: Kim ends the quarrel.After a bow of nine episodes, the fight has lubricated the fight. dry season (until episode 12, when the first The story of Tristan Thompson broke out), the conflict ended. Kim and Kourt then began to privately dismiss the narcissism of others instead of blocking it for the camera. These three different chronologies all involved the inner circle of Kardashians; they all broke a month before a new season of the show; and the public has again paid more attention to the family. What is interesting is that the stories that run just before the premiere of the season will not really discussed in the series because of the way the shoot works. For example, season 16 can not approach Thompson and Woods at the all because it has already been filmed earlier this year, before the news. This will probably only prepare the show by suggesting that Khloe wants to put an end to things with Thompson or even (I really hope so) by revealing that Khloe actually has his own secret man. But it's a producers talk (hello, Chris Harrison and Ryan Seacrest: I'm very good at it) – all these timely scandals are meant to build long lead plots for the series. We can bet that season 17 will take a closer look at Khloe's reaction after Jordyn kissed his man, and if Kourtney really comes out with the drummer of everyone's favorite group of predilections. In reality TV, it's harder to create these intrigues and keep them interesting – unless, like The single person, you constantly change the cast to keep things fresh. So, the Kardashians improvised. The drama is not exactly wrong, it's just strategic, if you know what you're really looking at.Love what you see? 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