Why Priyanka Chopra will not be pregnant so soon

Priyanka Chopra, Nick JonasPriyanka Chopra, Nick JonasInstagram

A few days ago, the large stomach swelling of Priyanka Chopra in gray and black skirt suits during New York Fashion Week had sparked speculation that she would be pregnant with Nick Jonas baby. It was also reported that Priyanka was trying to hide her baby bump and many wondered if she was already in her first trimester. But it seems that newly married couples are in no hurry to start their families.
After getting married at an extravagant wedding ceremony in India on Dec. 1 of last year, Priyanka and Nick took advantage of their crazy time and their PDA took off. Internet assault. Recently, Priyanka also appeared in Jonas Brothers' new video, Sucker, which also features Joe Jonas, his fiancée Sophie Turner, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Jonas. Nick recently offered Priyanka a brand new Maybach worth $ 200,000.
And according to Priyanka and Nick's friend, "there is no crazy race for them to have a baby". "Nick has a lot of work to do with the new Jonas Brothers project that is starting to live independently, it's a whirlwind right now and it's just going to be shaking." Priyanka is also very busy, she should start filming very quickly and she has more work to do afterwards, and of course, if she were to become pregnant this year, she would be more than welcome. But for the moment at least, it's more of a case where they let things happen when that happens.There is no massive pressure, "said the couple's friend quoted by Hollywood Life.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick JonasPriyanka Chopra, Nick JonasInstagram

Earlier, when Priyanka appeared in the Ellen DeGeneres show, she could not help talking about Nick and how he was not corrupted even after having been in the entertainment industry for a long time. "He is so motivated by his family that he only talks about his parents – he's really very kind and kind," Priyanka said during a televised celebrity debate.
About Karan with Karan, Priyanka explained that she would like to follow her mother Kareena Kapoor Khan during her pregnancy before giving birth to her son Taimur.