Where did the Venkatalakshmi come online for download on the day of its opening

Where is the VenkatalakshmiWhere is the VenkatalakshmiTwitter

Raai Laxmi's highly anticipated film, Where Is the Venkatalakshmi (WITV), was unveiled online the day of its opening and the free download of the full movie risks tarnishing its box office collection.
Raai Laxmi, known for her article numbers, had released her latest film Where is the Venkatalakshmi on March 15th. The actress, who has been promoting the film a lot, hopes it will be a resounding success of her career. But to his disappointment, a notorious gang released the full movie as a free download.
This notorious group reportedly recorded the full movie Where is the Venkatalakshmi when screened in a movie theater and filtered through its website even before the movie finished its first day at the box office. The website offers seven types of impressions ranging from 2.2 GB to 200 MB frp, downloadable for free. Some people who watch this pirated copy advise others not to go.

Where is the VenkatalakshmiWhere is the VenkatalakshmiTwitter

Where is the Venkatalakshmi is a horror movie with interesting twists. The film is about two siblings Chanti Gadu (Praveen) and Pandu Gadu (Madhu), who create a lot of problems in their village. The two fall in love with a teacher named Gauri (Lakshmi Rai). But to their shock, Gauri is a ghost that forces them to bring back a box of henchmen. How they manage to save lives is the crucial point.
Where is the film Venkatalakshmi with Laxmi Raai, Praveen, Madhu Nandan, Pujita Ponnada and Brahmaji, is a low-budget film that would have earned producers a profit before its release. The film was released on a limited number of screens while it comes up against five other new movies. The film has a good opening at the box office and is able to strike a deal with the viewers.

Where is the VenkatalakshmiWhere is the VenkatalakshmiTwitter

Word of mouth has enriched his collection on Saturday and Sunday, but many are not able to watch it because of its unavailability in nearby theaters. This has apparently forced some moviegoers to find his pirated copy on torrent sites. Decision makers need to tackle the problem quickly. Otherwise, it will affect its collection at the box office.
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