The German IT security agency defends the answer in a hacking case

DOSSIER — In this photo taken on 21 November 2018, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) speaks in the Bundestag. (Ralf Hirschberger / dpa via AP)

The German security agency on Saturday defended its response to the leak of hundreds of confidential information of politicians, after legislators have accused him of not having enough information. Politicians from several parties questioned why the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) did not inform Parliament of the alleged computer piracy case when it was first revealed in December. in a statement that a legislator had communicated with him in early December on suspicious activities on his private accounts of email and social media. "The BSI took the case very seriously and seized the National Center for Cyber ​​Defense," said the agency in a statement, adding that it was not aware of the mass planned online. Data leak occurred Thursday via Twitter on Twitter. "It was impossible to predict early December 2018 that there would be other cases," BSI said. Arne Schoenbohm, head of the BSI, who told Friday at the state television agency Phoenix that his agency had spoken to "lawmakers who were touched very early by this phenomenon in December". It is believed that a thousand German politicians and personalities were affected by the disaster. data breach including private addresses, mobile phone numbers, chat records and credit card numbers. Authorities still investigating the theft and publication of information, which contained no data on lawmakers of the far-right Alternative for Germany The information, although potentially embarrassing for some lawmakers, does not seem to have revealed major political scandals. The leak has again sparked a debate on cybersecurity in Germany. The German press agency dpa reported that the country's federal police agency had not been informed of the data breach until On Thursday evening.Hoeferlin manual, a legislator of the Free Democratic Party, reportedly told dpa The Social Democratic Party legislator, Jens Zimmermann, told the daily Handelsblatt that he was "extremely unsatisfactory". Some parliamentarians have learned this hacking only through the media. A German YouTube star, whose Twitter account, @unge, was hijacked last week, Samon Unge, whose real name is Simon Wiefels, said Saturday that the author had access to his email account , then convinced a Twitter employee to disable a second security check required to take control of his account on the social networking site. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request to comment and it was unclear how many people affected by the leak had such "two-factor authentication" enabled for their email or social media accounts, and if the hacker had also managed to get around it. The BSI said that she currently believed government networks were not compromised.