Dwayne Johnson on Jumanji 2 and Reteaming with Kevin Hart


Final October, a group of fellow journalists and I traveled to Hawaii to stop by the established of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The forthcoming film finds that the board game has taken a new variety, this time as a online video game. When 4 youngsters come across them selves in detention, they explore the Jumanji online video game. Soon after booting it up and selecting characters to perform, the get sucked into the game and explore they’ve been remodeled into their avatar bodies. Armed with new talents and no strategy how to escape, the quartet should figure out how to end the game and get back again to the real globe.

In the course of a crack in filming, Dwayne Johnson arrived in excess of to converse to us about the task. In addition to getting as charming as you’d feel he would be, he talked about why he signed on the two to star and deliver, obtaining to perform a 16-calendar year-old trapped in the physique of a guy with no weaknesses, paying out homage to Indiana Jones, how Kevin Hart angrily eats Doritos, making an attempt to current the globe of Jumanji to a new audience and more.

Look at out the complete interview below.

jumanji-welcome-to-the-jungle-final-posterWhat was it about this task that … Since you’re developing it, you’re starring in it …

DWAYNE JOHNSON: Very well, when it arrived to me, it was just truly the chance to inform a terrific tale. With any luck ,, we inform a terrific tale. It was the chance to get some thing that was beloved, that I beloved, me and my relatives beloved when we were, many years back, by the way. So, it was that.

You know, and so, it was the chance to inform a beloved tale to a complete new audience. And the script arrived about, and when the script arrived about, it kind of, it truly moved pretty promptly. So, the script arrived about for me in April. I read it. I truly, truly preferred the script. I was scheduled to make a motion picture named “Rampage” with Brad Peyton. And we experienced to drive it, and that will be the future motion picture I shoot after this, I’m sorry, after “Ballers.”

So, I experienced a window. And as these issues happen in Hollywood, I acquired the script, truly appreciated the script, spoke with Jake our director. We experienced a terrific conference, and issues kind of just blossomed from there.

To your issue. It’s a terrific issue you bring up, is there was an component about the script that I truly preferred that took the spirit of the first motion picture and the spirit of the first tale and added this other terrific layer to it. In this situation, as you explained, the terrific layer is that I am decked out, as I’m decked out proper now, as this avatar, but in fact, in the real globe, I’m a 16-calendar year-old child, which was a terrific juxtaposition, I feel, just as an actor and then glimpse as a producer and the chance to inform that kind of tale.

So, in essence, it would be like if you took “The Breakfast Club” and all those characters and place them in the globe of Jumanji.

A great deal of fun, by the way. And a terrific problem, proper? So, the terrific problem of me getting who I am as this avatar, it’s Dr. Smolder Bravestone due to the fact all through the film, I just, nicely, smolder. Suitable?

But I didn’t. I have no regulate of it. I just did the smolder.

And then also, the juxtaposition of getting a 16-calendar year-old child, whose exceptionally uncomfortable to commence with, and not a folks human being and an epic nerd.

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