Make Up Guide For Men – Is It Okay for Guys to Wear Makeup?

Beside enhancing their beauty, girls also use make up to cover up their blemishes. But men have blemishes too! Some men could not care less but some really want to look better to improve their confidence. However, the big problem men face is the stereotype that when a man uses make up, he is automatically metro sexual or gay, and he is not a real man.

But have you ever wondered why the manliest guys in Hollywood like Brad Pitt looks so good? Every man celebrity wears make up, whether it is Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt or Morgan Freeman. The thing is, they do not look like they wear make up and women still go crazy them. If you want to look your best by covering up your blemishes, a good option is to wear make up. Do not worry, the most handsome and manly guys do it anyway! For crying out loud, Johnny Depp uses an eyeliner!

Make up products are generally designed for the women because they are the ones who buy these products all the time. Here, make up companies make and design their products to attract women to buy them. This makes a huge hindrance for men who want to wear make up because they do not want to be seen with these feminine products. Men could not even buy make up because of the risk of someone seeing them buy things that are "really meant" for women. It can be compare to men buying Hello Kitty stuffed toys. But really, make up can be worn by men. It's just that society has firmly associated make up with women.

Some cosmetics company see the rising need of men to wear make up. In the market there are cosmetics already specifically designed for men. Cosmetic companies even changed the name to make men feel that they are buying a manly product instead of a feminine one. For instance, Superdrug launched the Taxi Man cosmetics with an eyeliner called a "guy-liner", and a mascara called a "manscara". Honestly, there is not much difference between these "guy cosmetics" and the ones made for women. In my opinion, these are still the same make up but are markeded differently so men will buy them. They just smell and look more manly.

Therefore, men can still buy makeup, even the feminine-looking ones. The big problem is men can not just go to a cosmetics store and buy make up because it might "ruin" their manly image. What most men do is order their makeup online, removing the risk of their friends spotting them. Men can even get make up tips from online makeup stores and some blogs on how to do that make up up. Really, you just have to ask.

To get men started, they do not really need a lot of products. A combination of a good foundation and a concealer will even your skin tone and cover up blemishes pretty nicely already. More on this tutorial on another article.

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