Wallilabou Bay – Pirates of the Caribbean movie set

Wallilabou Bay is situated on the coast of St. Vincent towards the north west of the island. The rather small bay area comprises of black beach sand, two small boat docks, sheltered moorings, a customs office and a small hotel. Wallilabou at times serves as a port for the yachts that come there from Martinique or St. Lucia. For those who are interested in obtaining memorabilia from the Pirates of the Caribbean film sets can do so by visiting the Souvenirs Shop located close to the bay. Memorabilia from the Pirates of the Caribbean film set are available for purchase.

Wallilabou Bay served as the primary location in the Caribbean Islands for all the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean” movie sets. The bay area was changed into the “Port Royal” of the movie for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie set. The movie set included the customs office, shops and the hotel. A makeover was done on the scene so as to make the scene fit the time period that the film was supposed to portray.

The films of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series that were shot here include the “World’s End”, the “Dead Mans Chest” and the “The Curse of the Black Pearl”. The films starred Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

While traversing the Wallilabou Bay area a stay at a Canouan Island hotel is recommended. A much better option would be to stay at a luxury hotel in Canouan Island.

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