Kevin Hart “Clowns The Rock In His Feud With Tyrese”

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39 Replies to “Kevin Hart “Clowns The Rock In His Feud With Tyrese””

  1. The rock and Tyrese needs to chill both Uall rich and seems like Uall want to be thugs or gangstas or some chit like that maybe in Uall younger days but you guys are rich and in your forties you even work together, maybe this is a stunt.

  2. If I wanted to see a rock spin off for f&f id watch Faster.. why not make one of Han or somone worth watching..not another rock movie.this dude is straight killing the franchise..shame

  3. Mature people who have class..dont flaunt stupid cars…it will get old someday just like all cars. This is a pure reflection of ignorance and lack of class. Geesh! This is what teenage guys do when they first come up..not grown married parents!

  4. Bro donโ€™t you got a wife that didnโ€™t sign a prenup whoโ€™s prego ? Focus brother focus. And this is not sarcasm at all because all black public figures walk a thin line at all times. Even comedians

  5. Between the Rock and Vin Diesel having beef… Now the Rock and Tyrese… Kevin Hart scandal… Paul Walker dying few years back… The next fast and furious is gonna break records….. Just kidding… It's all just more distractions since the kneeling down for the national anthem only proved that the majority of Americans still love our country.. support our troops and vets…and stand behind our PRESIDENT. God bless. Don't let the news and other controlled outlets brainwash us to think we hate each other… Unity people… God bless you all in Jesus name amen

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