TFA Game Students Partner with ZoopTEK and Miguel Kertsman on AVARICE

A collaboration between ZoopTEK game studio, composer Miguel Kertsman, and first-year Game + Interactive Media students at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Avarice is a build-then-battle combat game coming to Steam this summer. Learn more about Avarice at

About Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

A venture with Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Enterprises, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy is one of the nation’s most well-respected digital media arts colleges—offering a progressive training model that erases the boundaries between education and the professional world by exposing students to real-world, industry experiences and state-of-the-art software and equipment beginning their first semester on campus. Learn more about Tribeca Flashpoint Academy at

About ZoopTEK

Alan C. Reck founded ZoopTEK in 1999, after the release of his first popular game, Paint Ball 3 EXTREME. The game featured what would become ZoopTEK’s development philosophy, developing games that are easy to jump in, but intellectually stimulating to master, with a large dosage of genuine developer and player interaction. In recent years, ZoopTEK has been working with Tribeca Flashpoint Academy to provide students practical game development experience, by having them work on Avarice and other ZoopTEK titles. Learn more about ZoopTEK at

About Miguel Kertsman

Miguel Kertsman’s music captivates an international audience with works performed in New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, Bonn, Chicago, and released globally by Sony Classical, RCA Victor Group, and Universal Edition. His discography (keyboardist, producer, engineer) encompasses numerous international releases, as he has worked with companies such as Sony Classical, Chesky Records, RCA/BMG. Kertsman directs the M.A. Program in Music for Film & Media at the Danube University Austria, lectures at various Universities, having served as faculty and Artist-in-Residence at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. Learn more at

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