Fun Facts About Twilight

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The movie has been a sensation and here are some fun facts about Twilight that you may enjoy. I can think of no teenager I know who is not crazy about this film and the brilliant actors who play the parts superbly.

Twilight movie merchandise has now become so popular that you will find fans all over the world who enjoy wearing stuff that celebrates this 2008 smash hit film.

  • The film grossed more than $ 35 million on it's first day and over $ 69 million in it's first weekend!
  • The Twilight DVD sold over 7 million units on the first day of release!
  • The author of the book (Stephenie Meyer) appears in a short cameo role in the feature film.
  • The film is rated a 12A in the UK and Ireland
  • Over 5000 players applied for the role of Edward
  • Twilight movie script only took 6 weeks to complete
  • Despite the universal film success the critics did not rate the movie highly with many journalists only rating the film 2 out of 5 stars (what do they know!)
  • The first choice to play Edward was Henry Cavill who starred in the Tudors.
  • Kirsten Stewart had a stunt double for some of the film scenes.
  • The idea for the book came to the author in a dream!
  • Kirsten Stewart turned 18 while she was filming the Twilight movie.
  • Robert Pattinson is a real life rock star who loves to sing!
  • Robert Pattinson is pretty tall at 6 foot 1 inches!

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