Top 10 Hot Toys Your Kids Want This Holiday Season


Confused with what to get your little boy or girl this Christmas? What are Zhu Zhu Pets? Twilight dolls? What would make a good gift for my pre-schooler? While this list may not be able to answer every question you have, it will give you a good idea of what are the most sought after kids toys this holiday season.

Zhu Zhu Pets
What Are They? – Little motorized hamsters.
What Makes It Hot? – These little hamster zoom around, bump into things, make cute little sounds, then zoom off into different directions.
What Should I Look For? – The Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters are the main attraction, but they also have many accessories (such as the hamster wheel and hamster ball) which, when combined, create a big hamster city for the little fur-balls to bounce around in.
Availability? – Scarce. These are the Tickle Me Elmo’s of 2009.

Transformers 2 Toys
What Are They? – Based on the blockbuster movie series about giant robots battling on earth.
What Makes It Hot? – Megan Fox and giant robot battles capture the imaginations of both small and big boys alike.
What Should I Look For? – Optimus Prime, any of the “Combiner” transformers robot sets, such as Devastator; also the ultra cool Transformers Movie 2 Ultimate Bumblebee which makes sounds, lights up, and moves around.
Availability? – Healthy; although some of the more sought after characters (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee) may be harder to find.

Twilight New Moon Dolls
What Are They? – The “other” hot movie franchise of 2009
What Makes It Hot? – Robert Pattinson and teenage vampire love capture the imaginations of both younger and older girls alike.
What Should I Look For? – Edward, Jacob, and Bella. The primary 3 characters featured on the Twilight New Moon movie posters (and every other piece of Twilight merchandise.)
Availability? – A few different lines exists for the Twilight fans; Specialty manufacturer Neca figures for the enthusiast, Tonner Doll Company dolls for the collector, and a Matell Barbie line for everyone! In order of easy to difficult to find: Barbie, Neca, Tonner.

Chuck My Talking Truck
What Is It? – A bright red and yellow Tonka truck with a huge smile on his face.
What Makes It Hot? – Chuck speaks more than 40 phrases and sounds, while built in sensors make him drive over to your child when they call him!
What To Look For? – A big, friendly truck named Chuck. Just don’t confuse him with one of his less interactive friends.
Availability? – Healthy

Liv Fashion Dolls
What Are They? – Barbie dolls with an array of changeable styles included in the box.
What Makes It Hot? – Multiple points of articulation for a wide range of poses, interchangeable hair styles, and inset plastic, not painted, eyes for starters.
What To Look For? – “Barbie” meets “Bratz” with normal doll proportions.
Availability? – Healthy

2009 Barbie Holiday Doll
What Is It? – A new special limited edition Barbie doll.
What Makes It Hot? – The Holiday Edition Barbies always have a little something extra in the detail and quality department which sets themselves     apart from the standard Barbie line. Not to mention the 2009 Holiday edition is extra special in that it not only celebrates the 2009 holiday season,     but the 50th anniversary of the Barbie doll as well!
What Should I Look For? – Deluxe keepsake display packaging with a holiday twist.
Availability? – Healthy

Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid
What Is It? – Transformers meets strategy card games with a dose of Japanese anime.
What Makes It Hot? – For any kid (or adult) that plays or watches Bakugan, the Maxus Dragonoid is a must have. 6 “traps” and one “warrior” combine to form a fearsome robot like creature not unlike the Transformers Devastator. The cool part is that both the combined form robot and it’s individual pieces can be used in the card game as well!
What Should I Look For? – A gigantic red Bakugan “robot” with a dragon’s head.
Availability? – Healthy

Elmo Tickle Hands
What Are They? – Big furry red gloves for toddlers.
What Makes It Hot? – The right handed glove vibrates when placed on any surface, causing a “tickle” effect.
What Should I Look For? – Big furry red gloves with Elmo’s face on it.
Availability? – Healthy; A decent seller but not quite as in demand as the original Tickle Me Elmo that started the craze.

Apple iPod Touch
What Is It? – The latest, greatest iPod innovation from Apple.
What Makes It Hot? – Now with up to 64gb of storage space, the 3rd generation iTouch adds more room for music, movies, apps, and more.
What To Look For? – Classic iPod simplicity in touchscreen form.
Availability? – Healthy  

Nintendo DSi
What Is It? – The next evolution of Nintendo’s premiere hand held video game system.
What Makes It Hot? – Built in cameras and sound recorders/processors open up a whole new dimension in portable gaming.
What Should I Look For? – The same compact box of the original DS, just with a lowercase “i” attached.
Availability? – Healthy

So there you have it, the Hot Toys to look for this Holiday season. Time to get shopping!

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