Vampire: The Mythical Truth

How many people in this world dream of becoming a vampire after reading Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga?  How many girls fell in love with Edward Cullen’s fictional character which of course made Robert Pattinson’s image an instant vampire hottie? Many of us think its crazy yet the endless question of ‘What if’s’ and sincere wishes that these mythical creatures do exist is far from being wiped out.

So let’s say vampires are real. What is the first thing you’ll say when you come face to face with a vampire? Would you ask him his name or will you be scared to say anything at all? Would you run as fast as you can without looking back or stay and pinch yourself to know if you’re awake? There’s really nothing I can come up with but thousands of question.

And when you become a vampire, what’s the first thing you’re going to do? Would you hunt down and kill your enemies? Would you become a “vegetarian”? Do you want to see the world? Just like Bella, are you willing to give up your family and loved ones or opt to turning them like you instead? What if you’re not strong enough to resist your thirst for human blood? Will you become a monster and justify your nature? Will you be able to find some friends? Will you be ready to face that world if it might not even be close to what you have dreamed of? Have you ever thought that you might not exactly become what you expect like Stephenie Meyer’s description in her books? Would you still want to become one if vampires do live in coffins at night, burns in the sun and does not posses angel-like beauty after all? Not to mention you’d live like that forever, literally. I’m pretty sure you’d think twice, thrice, maybe more? Alright, that’s a little bit of an understatement, I guess. These are just some of the few crucial things to consider though since vampirism spells i-m-m-o-r-t-a–l-i-t-y and immortality means eternal boredom and loneliness if it wasn’t what you wanted. Worst if you have nothing to live for. At least, Bella has Edward.  Your mind might be clouded with eagerness for infinite damnation, power and beauty to think clearly. Isn’t this a little bit shallow and self- centered motive to crave for this kind of existence? Obviously, it is. We all know that the quest for eternal life is as old as our history and the main reason is the love for oneself and power. Now tell me, why do you want to become a vampire? That’s right, the three basic reasons; immortality, beauty and power. You may already have decided what to do with all these situations or the attitude of crossing the bridge when you get there was the best option you can come up with.

But then again, I can’t stop people from believing that it is maybe, just maybe possible. Besides, this world we live in is full of mystery. Phenomenon of unexplained events and creatures or beings for that matter still lingers around us; which makes life more amazing. These little wonders give human minds something to work on to, right?

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