Taboo (FX): Opening theme for guitar (Max Richter)

Guitar performance and tab for the, Taboo, opening theme by Max Richter.

Taboo, is a British drama miniseries created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and his father Edward “Chips” Hardy. Also co-produced by Ridley Scott, the miniseries follows an adventurer who returns to Britain from Africa along with fourteen stolen diamonds to seek vengeance after the death of his father.

Taboo is shown on BBC One and FX (United States).

At the time of this writing, Jan 12, we have only seen the first episode of Taboo, as it premiered in the United States on Jan 10th. However, I loved the first episode, and Tom Hardy is truly one of the most compelling, and immensely watchable actors today.

My excitement over Taboo is compounded by Max Richter’s music. I’ve been a long time fan, and have transcribed his most popular work to guitar.

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