Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow Speak Out

Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow have come forward and allege they were sexually harassed by Harvey Weinsten. Plus, Harvey was allegedly caught on tape harassing a model.

Then, Kathy Griffin returned to standup wearing a Donald Trump mask and her feud with her neighbor doesn’t seem to be getting better.

Plus, Justin Bieber reportedly wants to hit the big screen. Does he have what it takes to become an actor?

Find out Wendy’s take in Hot Topics.

50 Replies to “Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow Speak Out”

  1. I'm disturbed by the tone of this. There's a victim blaming aspect here that's really dangerous. "I got here all by myself," and "remove yourself from that situation because a paycheck isn't worth it" sounds like Wendy is saying these girls went along with the assault purposefully.

  2. In a decay society , the zionist beast within can thrive , freely . if all these " stars" were , really concern about his behaviour . Why not call 9/11 = the end of their career . Rite of passage , these women agreed to play the game like US Senators giving standing ovations to Netanyahu , to be where they're

  3. Wendy is out of order so much in this show that it is not funny. She credits herself for not being sexually harassed? Surprised that this predator included Hollywood royalty? Comparing Beibs to Eminem? Girl bye.

  4. Wow, she really hates men and white men. This Harvey skandal is really giving wind to the feminist lobbyists, even though Harvey himself was connected to lots of feminists like the Obamas and Mat Damon etc. Everybody knew about Harveys bad behavior but nobody spoke out about it until now. The hypocricy is strong.

  5. Of course younger generations know Roberto DeNiro! At least they better fucking google him and catch up! I think because you have money, connections, famous pappies doesn't mean you're acting/model/musician material. It happens but shouldn't. But if they give him a shot and he's good then why not.

  6. Harvey is the man. They used him like he used them. Fair and square. He fucked everybody for nearly 3 decades. Harvey, my man, you are my new hero. I wanna be like you. I wanna exploit people like you did. These actors are no better than you, my man. You are better then these motherfuckers.

  7. Stop acting like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are heroes for what they did. They're not. They didn't have anything near but other women had to go through, and they waited years and years until other people came out by the dozens before they felt safe enough to speak up about what didn't actually happen to them. Think of all the people that were sexually harassed and even sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein because these two didn't speak out sooner. Those women should be suing glennis and Angelina for not stopping it when they could have because had they spoken out when it really mattered other people wouldn't have been harassed or abused. All these people speaking out now aren't Heroes, they're just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame extended a little bit longer by jumping on the pity train that legitimate people started because they were actually sexually assaulted and sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein. These people should not be celebrated they should be reviled and they should be openly shunned for not helping others when they could have but choosing to do so now when it seems I've been pages to their career by putting them back in the Limelight when they should have been hiding under a rock like they were so long ago when Harvey was actually abusing people

  8. And why in the world would a woman like Georgina Chapman get near a man like Harvey Weinstein? Oh, she got a career out of it!  Which basically makes her a …. shrewd business woman, huh?!

  9. So what that shouldn't be a maturity rise that just a great accomplishment I love you Wendy but I feel you think there is no chill and if there is the then warming for you paused,… need take a break from streaming you gotta go back to cable. Ugh….. I'm 28 and your topics be hott I'll be back……Hugz boo playlist public.

  10. Its not just hollywood. Who can help me deal with sexual harassment/ assault cause i'm not functioning? There willnever be justice what is done is done. however it can be prevented and stopped and we should be able to get compensation for martial arts training and therapy

  11. She had me until she victim blamed. I'm glad you didn't have to get harassed in order to make something of yourself but do not frame it as if these girls had poor judgement because they were trying to get ahead, that is not okay.

  12. Wendy, you didn't get here all by yourself. A self-admitted former addict doesn't end up in rehab because of what cocaine did to them, but because of what cocaine made them do in order to get it. Don't tell the world you didn't have to work your way up from your knees to get to where you are because it's a bold faced lie. How quickly they forget.

  13. Dindu already forgot about Cosby. You're being racist to the women that Weinstein raped. They were white. As were most of the Cosby victims. Our white men are the only ones who can protect us from black predators below and Jewish ones above.

  14. What's sad about this whole HW thing, is that Rose McGowan spoke up years ago and no one believed her. Look how many women have had to experience this monster because no one would listen. I hope other people who abuse their power in this disgusting way are very scared. People need to keep talking so this behavior stops. It's not okay. The industry knows this goes on, and if they don't they're lying.

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