Angelina Jolie Diet – Hollywood's Secret Weight Loss Diet!

There were recent speculations that for the film Tomb Raider, star Angelina Jolie adapted to some unhealthy eating regimen in order to lose weight & gain muscles, such as anorexia & bulimia. The starlet put down all the rumors and came out with a diet regime that is rated 9.5 over 10 by several diet & health experts in the industry. To begin let us understand the objectives of this weight loss term:

o It is not all about reducing to size 2. Angelina wants to pass on a message that you can look beautiful & healthy even without becoming skinny.
o You need not deprive yourself of anything. You can have everything but in moderation.
o Eat well but burn all the calories with a planned work out.

Now here are her diet secrets:

o She earlier never took breakfast. The mornings started with a cigarette & coffee. In this diet regime she had to quit all these bad habits. To mention a few – coffee, smoking, alcohol, etc.
o She had an absolute no sugar diet.
o She took lot of soy milk.
o The menu now implemented of several organic foods. The highlights are as follows:

-Organic salmon along with tomatoes
-Brown bread & herbs in breakfast
-Mackerel or grilled fresh tuna along with watercress
-Spinach tomatoes for dinner or lunch
-Fresh vegetables
-Steamed Sea Bass
-Steamed Beef
-Steamed Vegetables

o Regarding the schedule of these meals, she took 6 well spaces out meals all totaling high protein content along with low carbs & low-med fats.

-Street fighting
-Scuba diving
-Sword fighting
-Spear throwing
-Dog selding
-Bungee jumping

o Now, coming to the work out sessions, these included many weapon trainings and others stunts that were necessary for the starlet to do her action scenes in the film. To list a few these were:

-Street fighting
-Scuba diving

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