A Look At How GHD Took Over The World Of Hair Straighteners

Since 2001 ghd straighteners (originally known as Good Hair Day) has gone from being a little small brand into a international phenomenon that grows stronger year upon year. They also featured in the 2005 Sunday Times Fast Track “Fastest Growing Company” list. The reasons for their success are simple – they have a great product that there competitors cannot match.

Ghd was founded in 2001 by Martin Penny, the South Korean made ghd hair straighteners were the first of there kind and ceramic plate technology, which was much better than metal plates. Overuse of metal plates can cause split ends and leave hair brittle and broken, which put people off using them. The ceramic plate technology used by ghd hair straighteners have been imitated and copied by others, but they can’t seem to get it right and just like iPod, they have the brand recognition to back it up.

ghd are proud of their charity work and each September launch a highly limited edition Pink hair straightener. This years is the Pretty In Pink ghd which not only boasts an all pink casing but also incorporates pink ceramic plates. £10 from each sale of these styling irons goes directly to ghds chosen charity ‘Breakthrough Breast Cancer’ and over £1.1 million has already been raised in the UK for this worthy cause. ghd is also a salon only product, meaning that they can’t be found in highstreet store. However, this does seem to be changing as more and more non salon owned websites now sell them online.

Their TV adverts are instantly recognisable and they also sponsored the 2004 Channel 4 show ‘The Salon’, which helped launch the brand mainstream. Initially gaining a cult following, ghd now boast celebrity fans as famous as Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham to name just a few. They have suffered some controversy with there adverts from religious groups, because they often use religious sounding words and connotations such as “Thou Shall” and others. How many other hair straightener manufacturers can boast over 300 appreciation societies set up by fans on Facebook – Like ghd Expert.

Since the popularity of the ghd hair straightener has increased in recent years, so to as the number of fake ghd websites that are claiming to be selling genuine ghd hair styler. It is important that you buy a quality, authentic and ghd approved styler because the manufacturers of fake ghd hair straighteners use poor, low quality graded materials to develop their styler. This in-turn increases the chances of damaging your hair, damaging surfaces that you may leave the fake ghd straighteners on, and inevitably ruining your straighteners completely. furthermore, these hair straighteners have also been found to be dangerosu and been known to blow up or catch fire. These website try and make there websites look official, by using ghd logos, the approved stockist taglines, ghd pictures, colours and even the word ghd in the domain name.

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