Why Dreams Are Important

"The dreamers are the saviors of the world. As the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so men, through all their trials and sins and sordid vocations, are nourished by the beautiful visions of their spiritual dreamers. it can not let their ideal fade and die; it lives in them; it knows them as their realities which it shall one day see and know. "

James Allen ('As A Man Thinketh')

Our success depends on our dreams. Everything that was ever created by the hand of man was first a dream. Understand these are not the dreams we have at night about, sometimes, Tom Cruise or Cate Blanchett but those we have when wake when we think about the future we would like.

Do you perhaps think you do not have a dream at all? What happened to your dreams you had as a child? All children have dreams. Did you have posters on the wall of your bedroom? What were they? Did you want to be a fireman, an engine driver? What did you want to become? Is this your dream today? A few have realized their dream: if you have, then congratulations.

But I suspect you have an unfulfilled dream still. What is it? Every parent wants to see their child become a success in life, every piece of literature was a dream, every building was a dream to someone, every worker in a dull job has a dream to be free and lying on a tropical beach, the lonely hearts columns are full of people dreaming of finding their ideal mate and every athlete dreams of being world champion. There are many inspiration stories to prove this. Dreams are all around us, even if we are too embarrassed to talk about them.

Right now we must understand what are our dreams. These will be the fuel to drive us toward whatever we consider success.

Everyone needs a purpose, a need or a hunger to make progress. I know I lacked this for many years. The right dream will give you the inspiration to face up to and defeat fear.

When the movie 'Pretty Woman' opens, a man walks across the street asking, 'What is your dream? What is your dream? This is Hollywood, everyone has a dream. ' The truth is everyone in every town has a dream.

Some years ago I was at a business seminar for entrepreneurs and Internet marketers. There were many highly motivated individuals there, each with their own inspiration stories, and, I am not being racist here, I noticed the vast majority were from an immigrant background. How can this be?

I spoke to members of the conference and asked why this situation had arisen and they told me the answer was down to hunger and the dream for improvement. I live in Britain, which has a strong welfare system to pay you if you have no other income on which to live. This is clearly a great asset if you are really in need but I have witnessed families finding that they are financially better off giving up their jobs and living on state handouts. There has been a tendency to Socialism too and this discourges wealth and innovation. Connected to this is the state dominated social system, termed the 'nanny state,' which precludes individual enterprise and wealth.

I regret I have also been influenced by this collective discouragement and see people every day who lose their confidence and inspiration by being in the same situation or worse. Such a lack of inspiration stories left the country exposed to the present recession.

Successful businessman Warren Buffett observed, "You never know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out," so summing things up neatly.

Maybe you are in the same position as me. If you are, then you may realize we need to find our dreams, our motivation and our desires to create some new inspiration stories.

There will be many people who will be saying, 'Dreams? Dreams? We do not need silly dreams. We need definite action. ' Do you know that is exactly what I thought too? But I have come to realize that a big dream, a powerful dream, can have intense power.

Wes Beavis, an Australian speaker, singer and entertaining author summed this up much better than I can in his book 'Become The Person You Dream Of Being.'

"Somehow, and perhaps mysteriously, dreaming is the first step to releasing reality from the realm of potential. It can unlock desire that has been lingering dormant. "

"Therein lies the power of the dream. It will beckons you to consider becoming someone greater. If you have a dream, you are poised for greatness. For the seed of greatness germinates in the dream."

Should you find life is not going as you might haveoped or is heading in the wrong direction, have a think about what it is you really want. Relax and give yourself time to dream. You know you have the right dream when you start to get excited. Pursue that dream and let everyone know your inspiration stories.

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