Addiction and Teens

Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Demi Moore, Eminem, Matthew Perry. Do you know what these celebrities have in common? Other than the fact that we all love them, at some point in their lives they have all battled with addiction. They have been in and out of rehabs trying to get their lives in order and move on.

Addiction as we know, is not limited to just celebrities, it has been spreading like wildfire. They are not just scary people hanging out in dark alleys, though they did become addicts on a bright sunny day. Addiction probably was a result of repeated substance abuse from their teenage years.

Alcohol and cigarettes have already established themselves as a teens best friend, but now joining this club are stars like marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin. Of course, add accessibility to this and you get household product addiction, like gasoline, solvents, thinners.

Today thousands of teenagers have succumbed to some kind of addiction or the other. Experimentation and trying to fit in seem to be one of the reasons for this trend and yes, teens think, it's OK! But unfortunately it is never OK. Curiosity, depression, family history can be a few other reasons.

Teenage years are naturally meant for experimentation and self discovery. But how does this discovery happen when your judgments are clouded by your addiction. Defining an addiction is hard and knowing how to deal with one is even harder. "You should try everything at least ones", this statement stands true only if you have the ability to say NO. If you do not show self control this one statement leads to a series of other excuses like:

"I am not hurting anyone."

"It's not a big deal, I can stop anytime."

"Trust me, I know what I am doing."

"I will deal with it."

Your will to say NO will be quelled by the mighty addiction. The world of addiction may seem to give you a high, but do not be deceived, as the price you pay for a minute of high is a lifetime of fear and loss of independence. As teens we fight for being liberated, how then can we place the reign of our lives in someone else's hand? Addiction-impaired judgments may lead to diseases like HIV, viral infections, maladies you never even fathomed about.

In case you have fallen prey to this evil, it is never too late. As a teenager you have a blessing in the form of early prevention. Because the teen brain is still developing it will be less hostile to interventions. Reach out for professional help and alter the course of addiction. You are doing yourself a big disservice by trying to keep it a secret or trying to deal with it yourself.

Coping mechanisms have to be re built so that you do not use addiction to shield away problems. There are several other inconsequential highs in life. Opt for them and chose to liberate yourself from the spiraling world of self destruction.

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