Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins? Elizabeth Debicki is Captain Marvel? – Beyond The Trailer

Emily Blunt is Mary Poppins for the Disney Sequel?! Elizabeth Debicki is Captain Marvel in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?!

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the latest movie news today! Emily Blunt is closing in on the role of Mary Poppins in the sequel from Disney and Rob Marshall! Can Emily Blunt handle the Banks Family as well as Julie Andrews?! And is Elizabeth Debicki actually playing Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers in Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Do you think Emily Blunt is right choice for the Mary Poppins sequel? And would Elizabeth Debicki make a good Captain Marvel? Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Emma Watson Takes Time Off – 00:54
Blunt for Poppins? – 3:37
More Movie Actors to TV – 7:35
Viewer Question – 10:51

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  1. I don't think Emily Blunt is as big box office poison as you do. Its not that she doesn't connect, it's that she chooses bad projects. For example, she just signed on for the My Little Pony movie. Sigh. But when she chooses good ones, people will turn out. I personally would love to see a movie with Emily as Poppins.

  2. I personally think Elizabeth Debicki is playing Moondragon. The director James Gunn said it was going to be a story about fathers. Plural. One will obviously be Star Lord's dad. But I think Drax will learn that his daughter is still alive and that daughter will be Moondragon played by Debicki

  3. Hello Grace! I have a question: I've started to write screenplays, this is what I want to do and I want to do it well. Talent isn't enough, I have to have a formation be it professional or non-professional, either way I want to study and right now I want to analyze films and screenplays. The one I want to break down is Only Lovers Left Alive but I can't seem to find the screenplay online, Is this because of Jim Jarmusch, Sony Classics or what, who makes those desicions?

  4. I Think Elizabeth Debicki would make a better Moondragon. Moondragon is known for being very cold and closed off so I'd prefer her in that role more than Captain Marvel. Being that Moondagon is the daughter of drax she should show up sometime. Though I imagined someone with a more exotic look for Moondragon.

  5. I had to rewind what you said….. okay maybe she joined the wrong group…. but what is wrong for equal pay for equal work? We just had recently Gillian Anderson complain she got paid less then David Ducovney over a series that's been popular for 20 years and the fans demanded it. If feminism is a dirty word, then what about fighting for all us working as equal instead?

  6. hello grace…. I grew up with a hard working mother who taught me how awesome Lyndia Carter was as a role model, and now I have a sister with a niece who loves princesses and Hulk….. so maybe Feminism is awesome, and you need to step back a bit and maybe realize it's helps us all.
    Let me sum up feminism like this "maybe I can't do that, but a woman can?" that's it, it's not a boogie man.

  7. Question Grace:
    Have you heard the rumor that Rhonda Rousey now is saying she wants to be Samus in a Metroid movie? I know you're not too familiar with video games, but I would think you would know that Nintendo is very protective of its properties and that a Metroid movie would never see the light of day. So my question is do you think this is Rhonda's way of saying that she knows she doesn't have the star power/acting talent to go for captain marvel anymore? Or maybe for movies in general? Thanks Grace 🙂 ((I listen to the show every night coming home from my closing shifts and I always look forward to it))

  8. I honestly don't think that misogynists were going to see Beauty and The Beast anyway so let her talk about woman's rights all she wants. Funny how if a man would talk about woman's rights there wouldn't be a consequence for him but when a woman does so she is risking her career. Sad times.

  9. Hi Grace 🙂 I've been watching your videos ever since discovering you when you did the Marvel videos on their channel, and you've been one of my faves ever since. I've been wanting to ask a question for the longest time and I think I've finally come up with one. With the way Marvel and DC like to mirror each other do you think Marvel might follow DC's lead when it coming to trying to promote a brand exclusively to girls? DC has their new Superhero Girls line. Do you think Marvel would follow with maybe something like your Her-reos title? And do you see them taking this idea of singling out girls beyond tv and into the movie theaters? How do you feel about this kind of brand targeting?

  10. I'f other people are like me, a woman being feminist when saying they aren't getting as many millions of dollars and next actor strikes less of note than a woman who is standing up for millions of women that treated as property around the world.

  11. Grace, viewer question here! Hoping you haven't answered this in any of your past videos since surely you've covered the character multiple times in the past few years, but I feel at this stage you've gained the trust of all your fans and subscribers and I'd love to know, because I'm personally having a hard time putting an actress to the character, who would you like to see play Captain Marvel? And also, would you prefer for them to stick with the Captain Marvel character (including costume etc.) or would you have preferred to see Ms. Marvel? I personally find the Ms. Marvel outfit to be more iconic.

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