45 Replies to “Emma Watson Clothes Shopping”

  1. @EsotericOccultist I heard from a friend that said they read from an article that their sister gave them after finding the article when they heard about it from their mom who learned about it from her cousin that Justin Bieber chick actually stuffs her bra.

  2. @WakkoXtreme she has a very slim boyish figure, so beware. it's like when people were all excited about the Olsen twins turning 18…totally overrated!

    Emma used to look prettier back then, especially with the blonde hair. Now she's…no comment.

  3. Sorry but this video is pretty much pointless. Just my opinion. Has nothing to do with the people in the video, just the video itself. We might as well be the paparazzi oogling over someone shopping.

  4. Seriously, obviously Dan and Emma fancy each other. Or fancied. There's SO much evidence everywhere. The sad thing is that they weren't allowed to date because if they broke up it would ruin their characters development 🙁 It makes me want to cry

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