Wonder Woman BANNED In This Country Over Gal Gadot’s Casting

Not everyone loves Gal Gadot in Wonder Women. Sam, Grace, Brett, and Jason discuss which country banned Wonder Woman from its theaters. Let us know what you think of the ban.

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45 Replies to “Wonder Woman BANNED In This Country Over Gal Gadot’s Casting”

  1. eh fuck Lebanon they're just sore losers living in a hezbola controlled failed state that's been in turmoil for decades. Gal is beautiful, successful, talented and Wonder Woman still grossed around 220 million world wide in it's opening weekend despite this ban. meanwhile Lebanese men still enjoy jerking off to her in private whenever they're taking a break from beating their wives and scorning Israel.

  2. As a Lebanese and a huge superhero fan , I don't mind this decision despite the fact that I want to see this movie badly . Israel would do the same if things were reversed , our countries just hate the shit out of each other . Literally everyone here accepts this .

  3. Gadot's assumed pro-Israel anti-Palestine stance came to mind when I saw Wonder Woman last weekend, and at first I tried to just set it aside in the same way that I do with Tom Cruise's crazy Scientology shit, keeping the character (and to a certain degree, the actor) separate from the portrayal that they're giving on screen, but I did find it hard to reconcile Gadot's portrayal of a loving peacemonger weeping over dead children and raging against human oppression knowing that she at one time championed the wholesale destruction of the Palestine state and it's citizens… and not knowing if she still has that opinion, I don't have an easy answer for this.

  4. As professional commentators of a big platform you should not simply brush aside the reality of Palestinians and what the very real consequences are of the IDF actions on Palestinian men, women and children. They have been slaughtered in Gaza and occupied under apartheid for 70 years. Hello?? "So hard"… How is it possible to talk about this topic and NOT get to this? Amazing… Are you progressives or what? I am a hardcore feminist but no one will use my feminism to silence the suffering of an oppressed people and condone the fans of Apartheid and Zionism make money.

  5. So in the movie, she couldn't stand watching innocent people die and in real life the actress openly praised the Gaza Massacre, what a f.king hypocrite, what kind of sick person would think that Israel is right by killing thousands of innocent men, woman and children, Gal Gadot is an HYPOCRITE and doesn't deserve to send a message about peace and love when she supports the massacres done by her zionist government on palestine and other countries..

  6. Palestinians are the real jews most of them are converted to islam. this fake jews blue eyes blonde hair Caucasian gayropa fucker are converted to Judaism it's like calling the chinese are from Africa originated from uganda.

  7. I'm arab, I live and am from an arabic country, I am muslim and i love Palestine as much as everyone in my country but i'm against the ban; it just shows how ignorant the world can be, WW is not Israeli, Gal Gadot is, and she is a actress playing a character. what she believes is her right and should not reflect on the character she is playing, and if some countries can't grasp the reality of that, it only says something about them not the actress or the movie..

  8. Well it's lebanon's loss and not Gadot's. Wonder Woman is one of the best DC movies so far after its previous movies stank and bombed. The movie is a success worldwide and only people who support terrorists like hamas would be offended by this. That says a lot about them.

  9. I loved the Wonder Woman movie. Gal Gadot is Israeli , telling her not to say on instagram that she prayed for the soldiers fighting a war in the country she lives in is like someone dissing an American soldier for fighting in a war defending America because there isn't universal healthcare in the United States or that all of the victims of 9/11 deserved to die because they had jobs in the world trade center. Patriarchy. Priveledge

  10. Gal Gadot should say that if a movie ever comes out with a strong female protagonist from Palestine or Lebanon, and the movie supports the idea of strong women as well as love and compassion, that she would hope that movie would be shown and supported in Israel regardless of the heritage of the movie's star actress.

  11. I'm a DC fanboy. I don't care whether Gal Gadot is a Jewish or not. But Supporting of killing Palestinian Children is another thing. The Israeli army killed 490 and supporting those armies in twitter post is an act of shame.
    I Personally will boycott every DC movie in which Gal Gadot will act as Wonder Women.

  12. In 1980 there a war in Lebanon Muslim seeks to kill the Christian. Beirut the capital was considered the Paris of the Middle East but Muslim when they started to be majority they seeks to establish a Muslim state. They massacre the Christian and some Christian started to leave and some move to Israel and Syria enter and and invaded Lebanon and war ended. At this moment of Assa is out of the picture the Christian will be exterminated. How people forgot the war so easy.😆😡😡

  13. So basically Lebanon treated their citizens like little children and didn't allow them to make the decision of seeing the movie or boycotting it on their own. What were they afraid of?

  14. To all the ignorant people in the comments saying this is stupid, let me give you a fact check. First of all, Palestinian people have went through so much because of Israel, I'm sorry your news channels don't show you what happens there, ours do. We saw all the shit that happened, how they destroyed homes, killed children and women, destroyed an entire culture and are still doing so with the support of everyone. I've seen these things growing up, I've heard them from my grandpa who is Palestinian, whom would cry every time he mentioned his country. Second of all, Lebanon went through war with Israel in 2006, and here (along with all arabic countries) Israel is a taboo, it doesn't even exist to us. We have "Occupied Palestine" on all our maps in school, we do not acknowledge it's existence and we are forbidden from talking to any Israeli person. Why is that? It's your pride as an arabic human being who has been through so much because of these aweful people, to at least do that. You don't see half the shit we see and it is ugly, watching this movie with a woman that SUPPORTS the killing of innocent Palestinians is just demeaning to us as a nation, it's disrespectful. Also, Palestine will always be there, no matter how hard they try they will NEVER be able to erase it. #FreePalestine

  15. so Lebanon banns the movie , big deal as they won't affect the movie's popularity one bit. Gal Gadot supports her people and country and that is natural for most people to do so unless your a Liberal in America then you hate America (but why don't they leave it?).

  16. Screw this. Whatever religion or race she is, its just a freaking movie. funny how she received so much criticism when she was casted for the show when it turns out she was the best thing about it

  17. Ive seen the movie. Its shit. She's too skinny. The fighting scenes were shit as fuck. Bad casting. If they expect men to bulk up and act their role. So should she, She looks nothing like the WW of comics. Figuratively nothing like WW. Wonder Women is a boring character anyways. She's only popular character in America and parts of Europe. When rest of the world think about DC its usually about Flash, Superman and Batman.

  18. The struggle between the people, and the hatred amongst them
    Is being nurtured by very specific interested parties
    It is a small rootless international clique
    That is turning the people against each other, that does not want them to have peace
    It is a people who are at home both nowhere and everywhere
    Who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up
    But who live in Berlin today, Brussels tomorrow
    Paris the day after that, or then again in Prague, or Vienna, or London
    And who feel at home everywhere
    They are the only ones
    Who can be addressed as international elements
    For they conduct their business everywhere
    But the people cannot follow them!
    The people is bound to its soil! bound to its fatherland!
    Bound to the possibilities of life that the state, the nation, offers

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