Exercises and Sexuality

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Exercise to feel sexier.

"One problem is that when people begin a fitness program, they do not see results immediately, unlike many other activities," says Dr. Peter Jensen, an Olympic coach. (Learning the piano is very difficult, but everyone is at least able to play a few notes of "Over the Rainbow" within a few hours of practice.) Looking at the athletes while practicing their sports, its difficult not to notice how unbelievably attractive they are.

This attraction is not due only their talent or their plastic beauty, it is also due to the confidence they exude, the winning attitude that they forged over the years and the steel determination which is pushing them to excel. According to Jensen, the power of mind over the body plays a determining role on how we evolve and the direction we will choose in life, often even to the detriment of genetics and our education. He added that most athletes have developed an ability to invest in the present moment and to be opened to others. We need only look at the current performance of the goalkeeper of the Canadians, Jaroslav Halak, to be convinced.

Not really necessary to be the best.

Of course, some people seems to have an innate talent for their sport, but their is no (superhuman) genes discovered yet which can predict if a person will one day win a gold medal. Every athlete is progressing step by step. He is determined and improvements gradually with time with training. In order not to lose your determination, it is important to integrate the fact that developing abs like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Garner will not be happening overnight. The vast majority of us will never climb on a podium to present our most beautiful medalist smile to the world, but we can all get a endorphin, a hormone that makes us feel good and increases our desire and libido.

Some "sex exercises".

As a downhill ski slide, a yoga session or a weight training session makes us sweat a good deal and gives us the required drive to make love regularly has many health benefits. Of course, it's nice, but it also helps to reduce stress, cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. It increases blood flow, strengthens the immune system and releases Oxycontin, the hormone nick named cuddle. A small note about an increased in the blood flow: In passing researches it shows that it causes a level of sexual arousal for men as well as for women and that women orgasms ed become more frequents and more satisfying. So as the Nike slogan says (Just do it).

Spring is the best time to find the ardor and sexual forms in each of us!

Get rid of our couch potato side and work to become and stay seducing, strong and in good health. What could be better than getting training and advices directly from an Olympic coach:

Did you know …?

1. A study of the University of Texas has shown that women after 20 minutes of cardiovascular training were sexually aroused quicker by watching erotic films than those who did not exercise.

2. The men who train three times per week reports having better sexual performance and more frequent sex, according to another study from the University of California.

3. Sex is a fun physical activity that helps to burn calories. According to the book The Ultimate Sex Diet, a 30 minutes energetic sexual activity, can burn between 150 to 350 calories and, in addition strengthen butt muscles, the thighs muscles and the abdominals.

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