Joe Rogan on the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Involving Jennifer Lawrence & Other Celebrities

Joe Rogan talks to Christina P. about the Harvey Weinstein scandal involving Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne and other celebrities on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1023. Full podcast:

Joe Rogan talks to Christina P about the disgusting scandal involving America film producer and co founder of Miramax, Harvey Weinstein. Countless famous celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cara Delevingne have publically spoke out against Harvey Weinstein. Joe Rogan and Christina P. look at what happened with Weinstein and speculate as to how horrible situations like this can happen. Joe Rogan talks about Harvey Weinstein, Christina P., Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne and other celebrities as well as Miramax movies, Hugh Hefner and other topics related to the Harvey Weinstein scandal on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1023.

Joe Rogan on the Harvey Weinstein Scandal Involving Jennifer Lawrence & Other Celebrities –

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  1. I like rogans podcast but he is not funny AT ALL. He reminds me of the dude who thinks he is funny n laughs at his own jokes. I didnt even knkw he did comedy until 5 yrs ago. He has been doing this sht for 20 plus yrs n u would think he would atleast be some wht funny

  2. Guys there's an inherent dishonesty among ALL of us about what we are . Let me ask you all a question now and please don't assume i'm validating ALL of weinsteins behaviour , or anyone elses . When was the last time ANY of you had sex with a partner for the first time and NEITHER of you had to make the first move , NEITHER of you had to be sexually aggressive to make that first time happen . In real terms AND in legal terms , kissing the girl you went out with on the date in the hope that you could persuade her to have sex with you was sexual harassment , irrespective of whether she responded favourably or unfavourably . When was the last time you , any of you , went out with a prospective relationship partner or sexual partner and you both had a conversation that went I can see myself having sex with 6you , yes , me too . It doesn't happen , does it ? So essentially in any sexual encounter at least one party has to be the aggressor to take the event forward . Every time you or a partner is aggressive in terms of trying to make sex happen , you are legally guilty of sexual harassment or sexual assault , depending on whether you're taking it forward verbally or physically . That's us . that's the human species . We ALL need to change because what you're seeing with some people , like Weinstein here , is just an exaggeration of that . Be honest . This behaviour happens in our species because no one ever assumes that it has to be fully discussed and or consentual . We assume that someone has to make the first move , be the aggressor in the interaction , whether it be the man or the woman . So , before you all goo off and say specific people are sick in pushing for sex , ask yourself why that happens .

  3. Hollywood is owned by Zionist Jewish sex predators and pedophiles, many of them escaped to Israel when caught. Israel is known to be a safe haven for pedophiles. Joe rogan will not discuss this because he is Jewish himself and his only mission is propaganda against Islam, what a hypocrite

  4. Harvey is harassing women, because he is not a looker? If he was a looker, he would just be flirting? Did I get this right? So…there's really no sexual harassment…just fugly people? The same thing coming from a hot dude and a fugly dude, one is harassment and the other isn't? Right? I just want to get this cleared.

  5. Who exactly is the villain here? The dude asking for sexual favor for a role or the girl saying "yes"? There is nothing admirable about either of them. The dude is doung this because he has trouble getting laid otherwise and the girl is having trouble getting parts otherwise. He lacks the looks and the girl lacks the talent. I feel a bit sorry for both of them. But…it is what it is…

  6. Everybody knew his Wife certainly knew but when one gets use to a certain lifestyle you deal, that being said Women are taught from early age to use there assets to move ahead. Isn't funny 60 woman pop up why didn't they go to authority's when happened? Because it wasn't convenient, now that there's a potential for pay out. Everyone understands the Business that there in the highs the lows the good the bad, i guarantee those woman knew exactly what they were doing. Case in Point being in an abusive Relationship and asked why didn't you leave well i loved him sooooo much. From my standpoint no one is that good looking or the sex that good that i would stay in harms way, how many of those woman went back for seconds and thirds knowing full well what was up, there's things amist in hollyweird power is shifting, sacrificial lambs are put on the alter, I'm shore there were others who aren't mentioned that were doing the same thing why aren't they being put on the chopping block because the powers that be are teaching a lesson to let everyone know who's in charge. There's Bill Cosby who would have thought, they made an example of him, it don't have to be true as long as there's reasonable assumption that was something amist the media is extension of the U.S. Government and if they want it to be true well most people will not say otherwise. It seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon the potential for payout. On the flip side of things maybe hollywood is setting back and watching who comes forward and lets watch how there careers proceeds in the after math, a two sided blade it is and it's shape to. The fault lies on both sides the woman knew yet proceeded away no amount of money or fame should cause one to put themselves​ in that position means one made a conscious decision to do, no one, irregardless of position or status can force an individual to do something they don't want to do. So don't play the Victim card after the fact again the potential for payout.

  7. The Band Wagon's going to sound like, but i was scared to lose my job or not get this movie or that movie which means a conscious decision was made, nobody force anyone. Something made in there mind to justify action. It's common sense nobody's that stupid. That man being in the position he held understood the law and knew he would go to jail if he used force or put hands on, so when it was put to them, it was there choice. Again I'm not condoning his actions you deal with the choices you make.

  8. Um giving someone drugs that put them in a state where they can no longer think for themselves or control the situation they are in and then sticking ones cock in their arsehole would constitute as rape in my book, even premeditated, the rapists bring all the good drugs so they can fuck whoever they like at the end of the night, it's no fun for these people if they throw themselves at them, these sick, evil "elites" have sexual appetites of satan himself and there is NOTHING they won't do to get their dicks hard and spraying their goat cheese!

  9. Hollywood is and always has been full of shit.. BOYCOTT. He did rape. Ugly and disgusting. Pig.44 women can’t be lying. He cried when a girl would not sleep with him and cried because he thought she thought he was fat. Yes, he’s fat, he’s stinky (thus the,numerous showers), he passively aggressively and if you don’t do what he wants, you career in Hollywood is done. Damned fat pig is saying he’s cured after five days. Bah hah. Disgust. I can only smell fermented cabbage

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