5 Cutest Celebrity Pooches

Celebrities love their furry friends just like the rest of us. These loyal celebrity companions can often be seen out and about with their humans. Celebrity dogs come in all shapes and sizes – form tiny chihuahuas to handsome bulldogs. Here’s a list of the five cutest celebrity pooches.

  1. Blake Lively’s dog Penny.
    Penny doesn’t even look like a real dog – instead she looks like an adorable, cuddly stuffed animal. This pampered pooch gets to go everywhere with her human star and she can often be seen on the Gossip Girl set. Penny is a multipoo (a poodle mix). Lively sometimes dresses her up in outfits – as if Penny could get any cuter!
  2. Jessica Alba’s dog Sid.
    With his soulful brown eyes, wrinkly forehead and squashed-in nose, Sid the pug is a sight to behold. Sid is named after one of Alba’s favorite musicians, Sid Vicious. She has another beloved dog named Nancy. Both are great with Alba’s daughter, Honor.
  3. Pete Wentz’s dog Hemingway.
    Hemingway is named after Pete’s favorite author. Hemingway is somewhat of a celebrity himself – he’s appeared on the television show “The Dog Whisperer.” Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz also have another, younger dog named Rigby. Rigby is also a bulldog – guess you can’t have just one!
  4. Mickey Rourke’s dog Jaws.
    Jaws has to be the greatest name for a chihuahua. Despite his fierce name, this little dog appears to be more of a cuddlebug. Jaws has appeared in a PETA ad with Rourke, urging people to spay and neuter their pets.
  5. Carrie Underwood’s dog Ace.
    Ace has also appeared in a commercial for the Pedigree adoption drive. The rat terrier always travels with Underwood. She brings along a suitcase full of dog toys to keep the pooch entertained while she is on the road. Ace even has his own fan club!

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