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  1. Dark Angel was doing well in the ratings in season 2, although not a good as season 1, and they cnacelled it and replaced it with another show that tanked horribly in the ratings and was cancelled after 1 season. Dark Angel should have been renewed for a 3rd season and given a chance because it was awesome!
    The should make a Dark Angel movie. Jessica still looks as young as she did in 2000-2001 and with today's special effects it would be FANTASTIC times FOUR!

  2. @PaulDA2000 Hey, I'm with you. On the dvd commentaries where the writers and producers talk about what they had planned for season 3, it seems like it had a lot of potential and it could have been awesome.

  3. @loverofzebras Actually they didn't get along at all. Jensen spoke about it during a convention, that he didn't have anything against her but she wasn't nice at all with him and there was always this tension between them. After the show got canceled, Jessica called Jensen a few months later to apologize for her behaviour during the shooting of season 2 but she was in a lot of pressure. Now they are very good friends !! 🙂

  4. @JuliaBaggins Hi…. sorry I know you post this comment a year ago but it's really hard to believe that someone can have a problem with Jensen anyway when can I read or watch that interview…thanks

  5. no i am not stupid you little bitch nothing puck is that your brain or what??? freedom of speech i can say any fucking thing i want about jensen ackles met him twice and met danneel to very pretty but not very talented at all get off the web if you can not say anything nice terry from denmark

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