Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy | The Kennedys

Some actresses are born to play a role. Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy is one of them. See for yourself when The Kennedys returns to REELZ Tuesday at 9p ET/8p PT

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10 Replies to “Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy | The Kennedys”

  1. wow kate you were so lucky to play Jackie. she had so much class and her style was beautiful. you look great wearing her look like outfits. l wish l was wearing her outfits. Jackie was special who always had taste in fashion and showing how to look good. l miss her always. Thats why l change my name into Jackie cuz l want to have a memory of her for ever. Jackie your always with me and l never forget you.

  2. they needed to wait another 30 years to do this bcuz everyone from the 60's should be dead. Everyone on this flick can't do it justice. JFK, Jackie, RFK, etc were larger than mortals today.

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