26 Replies to “Katie Holmes’ marriage exit strategy”

  1. After 4 to 5 years the female usually gets bored and leaves. I've seen at least 50 marriages do this in the last 20 years. Its even been explained by doctors. Marriage means absolutely nothing anymore STOP DOING IT! I'm sick and tired of hearing about divorce. Marriage and divorce means you can slap your ex across the face on the way out via settlement for money. Its revenge, its disgusting and you're a disgusting trashy person if you go there.

  2. These people are making it seem like her planning the divorce was a big deal. I would have done the same thing. Have a place set up and everything in order so you aren't left completely lost when you actually fall through with the divorce. I mean they have a child. I'm sure anyone would want to make sure their lives were in order.

  3. What the hell are you talking about… there are several successful marriages. Just because some don't work out doesn't mean that they "mean nothing" anymore. Also it's not always the female who leaves so get your facts straight. You can disagree with marriage but that doesn't mean everyone should be single and lonely for the rest of their lives. I'm sure when these individuals get married they don't expect it will result in a divorce.

  4. Or maybe she had to remain cautious as she was dealing with a media savvy, control freak organisation who wouldn't relinquish control of her and her child once she realised she was in fact part of a cult that would alter he little girls life for the worse.

    Grow up fool.

  5. I admire her for her cunning in executing a seamless divorce to protect herself and her daughter from a control freak. however, I think she was a dumbass the moment she decided to hook up with him. his egomania was well-known in Hollywood when she got together with him. if it was for love, then she was stupid. if it was to advance her career, then she was also stupid.

  6. Katie was very smart to do it the way she did…it was carefully planned…and I take my hat off to her. Scientology was the reason. You cannot raise your kids in that "religion" and its the same reason he broke up with Nicole Kidman, Nicole didn't want her kids raised in the religion…bye bye Nicole.

  7. Who cares if he is on Forbes…the man will never have a real life…as long as he is in Scientology. Ladies beware. Stay away. You have no idea how rough the Scientology life is. Even if you are married to Tom Cruise.

  8. I had to do something like this as well when I left my ex husband. It wasn't because of some weird religion, but more about control issues and anger and I never would've been able to walk out with him being there. Had to do some planning both escape wise and money wise as well. I had to get from one end of the US to the other for a safe place to stay with a friend from high school. Thank heavens for a friend like her. I needed some money just for the drive there. I only took the bare essentials, only what I could fit in my car. I was finally able to get a job and my own place and move ahead with my life. It's unfortunate that people have to do things like this, but it happens more than you know.

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