Toledoan Katie Holmes to judge Maumee Movie Pageant

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  • SPT-DIboysregfinal19p-5-19

    Actress and Toledo indigenous Katie Holmes watches as St. John’s Jesuit plays Massillon Jackson through a Division I regional ultimate boys basketball match March eighteen at the College of Akron.


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  • LA-Special-Screening-of-The-Kennedys-After-Camelot-Arriva

    Katie Holmes

    Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Actress and Toledo place indigenous Katie Holmes will be one of 3 judges for the 3rd annual Maumee Movie Pageant Sept. 23 at the Maumee Indoor Theater.

Ms. Holmes, a Notre Dame Academy graduate, has performed in numerous film and tv projects, like Batman Begins and “The Kennedys: Immediately after Camelot.”

“I am so proud to assistance the Maumee Movie Pageant due to the fact it is a wonderful occasion that will showcase filmmakers whose voices and visions I am thrilled to see,” Ms. Holmes explained in a published assertion. 

It is not identified if Ms. Holmes will be able to go to the festival thanks to her agenda, but she has agreed to display the films.

Her sister, Tamera Fretti, and actor Robert Knepper also will be judging. Mr Knepper, a Maumee indigenous, is ideal identified for his function as “T-Bag” on Jail Split. He’ll be judging for the 3rd yr in a row.

The festival includes an Open up Brief film obstacle and a Task-4 film obstacle, the place filmmakers are supplied four days to shoot and edit their development.

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