Ben Affleck Defends Meryl Streep After President-elect Trump Called Her ‘Overrated’

On Monday night, “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson caught up with Ben Affleck at the premiere of his latest movie, “Live by Night.” On the red carpet, the actor reacted to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, which has dominated headlines.

After President-elect Trump called her “overrated,” Affleck defended the Golden Globes nominee, saying, “I think if there’s one thing that you can say about Meryl Streep is that she is not overrated. That’s like saying Gandhi is not a good statesman, Martin Luther King not a good speechmaker.”

He added, “If you look up ‘great actress’ in the encyclopedia, you’ll will see Meryl Streep’s face there, and she is better than any of them, Brando — she’s the best actress or actor that ever lived, so to say she’s overrated shows you don’t understand acting.”

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  1. I love Meryl Streep – After all isn't she just an actress… and human being like us!… We bitch when they back a political statement and bitch when they don't so what is it you really want from actors and actresses – I prefer they just entertain us with their movies!!

  2. It's amazing the world these hypocrites live in, they want to "morally" chastise people of different ideology to themselves, but will heep praise on pedophile rapists like Roman Polanski because of being of their ideology (Streep a big supporter of Palanski)

  3. NO WONDER I NEVER LIKED THAT ACTOR my whole life. I KNEW HE HAD NO BRAIN! at least we accepted orange colored man as a president, unlike meryl streep who prejudicely called and treats legal residents as foreigners soon to be kicked out

  4. Meryl Streep's speech was overrated. She first makes an outright lie that Trump ridiculed a disabled reporter for being disabled. He did not ridicule the guy for his disability, he criticized the guy who wrote false things about him that are not true. And yes Trump has the right to defend himself, his movement and his policy positions. Everyone knows who Trump is. I don't think anyone outside of the US know who Meryl Streep is. So yes perhaps she is a little overrated.

  5. Meryl is a best actress, but a worst liar! And yeah she is overrated only this month! She doesn't know whats really goin on. And she insulted UFC. Ben said Trump doesnt know about movies, but for me Meryl doesnt know about ARTS!!

  6. Uhh Ben says she's better than Brando?Dude, NO ONE IS BETTER THAN BRANDO, NO ONE!And frankly YOU are now a better Actor than Meryl Streep currently is. Argo is better than any movie she ever made.

  7. The question was what did you think of the speech, he pivoted to saying it's crazy to call her overrated, read between the lines people. Affleck got a bit over emotional on Maher that time, but I don't think he's generally a crazy leftie. He wouldn't be such good friends with Damon for a start who seems pretty politically cynical.

  8. She is a great pretender in a world of make believe. Hardly a person worthy of influence on a political spectrum. I'm glad that her arrogance is being rewarded accordingly.

  9. Fame is an overrating itself. All famous people, regardless of their level of talent, are overrated. Meryl Streep is an incredible actress, but comparing her to Gandhi and MLK Jr is stupid. It belies just how seriously Hollywood takes itself, much to it's detriment, as we shall see.

  10. these hollywood actors always have the same spirit about them. we are sick and tired of it. its all fake but you get the most money and think always that you got the higher ground to all subject on earth. you discust me. acting is all about fake believe…..

  11. Funny that producer of Live by Night, as well as Accountant, BvS, Skwad, almost everything WB making now is a Trump endorser and now Secretary of Treasure candidate.

  12. Whenever someone says anything about the Patriots around Ben Affleck, all pretense washes away and this massive Pats fan just begins to erupt out of him. it's fun to watch

  13. no offense ben but you don't live in reality with the rest of us and to insult amercans because we voted for trump, really. Who decided that Hollywood has taken away our right to vote for who we feel speaks for us?

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