“Meryl Streep is talking out of her ass, which got MMA fans so mad”

Meryl Streep is talking out of her ass, which got MMA fans mad

25 thoughts on ““Meryl Streep is talking out of her ass, which got MMA fans so mad”

  1. Chef Pie

    The fact that a presidents lack of famous friends is news disgusts me. That rich Hollywood elitists aren't supporting trump but hard working "regular" Americans are. The MSM is a high school cafeteria, with beautiful, rich, jocks, and students who kiss up to the establishment(principles, teachers) are more important than original thinkers who have to take the bus until they save up for a shitty car and fix it on their own.

  2. Gary Shaw

    On one of Joe's podcasts with a guest hunter, the hunter mentioned a friend of his that died from falling off a cliff while hunting. I can't be the only one noticing this. I think there were only 2 guys on that hunting trip too.

  3. CondorCalabasas

    This skinny white dude is definitely a closet homosexual. I'm about a neutral as they come when it comes to politics. Anyone who is that obsessed and defensive over guns is either a closet homosexual or has a small dick, or both. The way he talks about how other people are sensitive, whilst also highlighting how sensitive he is about guns, is evidence of that. I wish I could talk to some of these gun faggots in person. No one is trying to take your guns away closet homosexual. Anti-gun acitivists have no interest in taking anyone's guns away dumb faggots. We just don't want a bunch of small dicked closet homosexuals with serious mental issues owning firearms. We don't want to dumb faggots accidentally killing your children, or accidentally killing yourselves. We care about you faggots retards.

  4. Ret Girl

    dude. You are a disgrace your own country. Not only that you sent more races than anyone on the planet period b** shut up and just suck it up. Somebody was making a joke and you took it as something offensive. You don't even have have to respect that that woman does. You're nothing.

  5. Thirtyone Solutions

    Remember she used her "power" to dress up like trump, paint her face orange to mock him. And why insult two groups of hugely talented, diverse ppl that had nothing to do with this? Unclassy fool. Sue her arse Donald. Plz!!!

  6. Laura Todd

    All I can say is: 1. Free publicity. 2. I didn't know what MMA stood for until she brought it up. ,3. A lot of folks are entertained by it & as long as they have adequate safety measures for the martial artists & tell the little kids, don't try doing this to your little brother, I have nothing against it. We watched old time wrestling growing up & had our favorites. We didn't turn out to be ignorant Yahoo!'s.

  7. jason davenport

    some people are born fighters like myself and some are born actors and so on my friend is a painter been on t.v. he cant understand why someone would want to get punched in the face and my answer is why wouldent you?and i ask then how can you sit and paint all day so he got my point its all art.thank god where not all the same.

  8. turbosucks

    I used to like the Streep…. But do not insult MMA it is the oldest sport known to man developed my the art of Martial Arts. It is an art!!! acting is fake its ppl living a lie and they're all fucked up and live a lie! Fuck you Streep!!!


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