Matt Lauer & Sandra Bullock’s Interview From 2009 Is Making Headlines Again Access Hollywood

Matt Lauer was talking to Sandy about how she got naked in “The Proposal” on “The Today Show.” the video resurfaced since Lauer is currently in the hot seat. Watch to see the interview.
[Matt Lauer has always been a mainstream media professional deceiver. Another fact is Sandra Bullock does not like Matt Lauer and Matt Lauer has consistently been offensive in those times Sandra has done publicity interviews for upcoming movie releases. Its obvious Sandra has a very strong dislike of Matt Lauer, but regardless Sandra would have refused to do another interview with ‘scumbag’ Matt Lauer. Sandra Bullock, “The Proposal” 2009, has always used a ‘double’ in any those few instances where she was forced to have semi nude scenes in any movies. Note the technical people who superimposed Sandra Bullock’s face had difficulty with eye placement and didn’t even attempt to match the makeup, both obvious examples this was not Sandra Bullock. Sandra’s body double, Wendy Kay Wells, is even a little thinner, quite an amazing resemblance between the 2 people with the right makeup Wendolyn is in denial she has ever done these scenes, she has a husband and children and appears to have an unsavory past as an actress back in the 1970’s, also in denial about that.
Sandra Bullock morally objected to these semi nude scenes and therefore was required to provide a body double who has worked with Sandy throughout her Hollywood career. This is a common practice in Hollywood. This is a picture of Sandra Bullock’s body double. Jamie has personally met Sandy’s body double in Irvine California around April 2012 and has talked to her, and Wendolyn is in denial about that also.]

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