WebClass Bible Study — A Heart Like God’s


Dr. Steve Booth leads a discussion of 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13. This live, interactive Bible study is a ministry of Richmond’s First Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia. This session was recorded June 17, 2012.

In 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13, today’s readers can hear the story of the ancient King David, the revered and rebellious ruler who is said to be a man after God’s own heart. In today’s lesson, we explore this biblical account and discuss what it means to be a person after God’s own heart.

Lesson Outline:

Outward Appearances

• When Saul was first chosen king, he was noted as one of the strongest, tallest, and most handsome men among the Israelites. What might this tell us about the priest Samuel’s expectations of the person who would be the next king? Do you think our appearances matter?
• Watch the What Not to Wear clip. Note what everyone says about the person based on the clothing or appearance.
• What sorts of things do we assume about people using only their appearance as a basis?


• What might God have been showing Jesse and David’s brothers through the process of selection, and the fact that Samuel anointed him in their presence (vs. 13)
• Watch the Brief Shining Moment (Miss Congeniality) clip. What changed Gracie’s (Sandra Bullock’s character) so that she could see more deeply into the other pageant participants?
• What was a time in your life that your initial impression was later changed by experience?
• Other than spending time with someone, how else can we get past appearances? In the Bible passage, how did Samuel get past his own limited sight?

The Lord sees to the Heart

• God says that he can see David’s heart, but does not say specifically what he is looking for. Considering Saul’s failures, what kinds of things must God be looking for in Israel’s next king?
• Watch the Authentic Speech (The Adjustment Bureau) clip.
– Do you think anyone really running for office would ever make such a speech like this? Why or why not? How do you think people would actually react if someone did?
• What do you think would happen if you were completely open and honest, letting everyone see to the heart of you?
• What does it mean to you that God “sees to the heart?”
• Even though David was still young, what special gift did God give him in preparation for his role (vs. 13)?
• What lessons can we learn from this story about selecting leaders for God’s people? About being leaders of God’s people?

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