Aaron Spelling Spelled Success – An Appreciation

The TV industry has lost one of its most successful producers. Aaron Spelling, 83, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, has made it from a poor kid to the creator of such unforgivable shows as the CHARLIE'S ANGELS, DYNASTY, and THE LOVE BOAT has passed away in Los Angeles, as a result of a stroke .

Early on, Spelling's writing ability worked very well for him. A small and frail kid often harassed at school, he had a nervous breakdown at the age of 8 and that's when he took it to reading while recuperating in bed. Soon he was inventing stories to himself and putting them on paper as well.

Spelling's real break as a screenwriter came when he started to contribute regularly to the DICK POWEL'S ZANE GREY THEATER. Next step was producing the shows he was writing at a terrific pace. He started with the SMOTERS BROTHERS SHOW and never looked back.

Some of his shows received bad reviews in the media but were neverhelless box office hits with the public. CHARLIE'S ANGELS was one such show. Among his other very popular productions are STARSKY AND HUTCH, HART TO HART, FANTASY ISLAND, MATT HOUSTON and THE MOD SQUAD.

He lived in a Hollywood mansion that once belonged to Bing Crosby. His daughter actor Tori Spelling starred in another of his hit shows, BEVERLY HILLS 90210.

Spelling spelled success. He was one of those entertainment geniuses that come once in a life time. May he rest in the real FANTASY ISLAND, together with real ANGELS.

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