Women in Peril Trailer

To remark “It was just like a Lifetime Movie!” is a lazy critical slam which Women in Peril wears like a red badge of honor. Bad Actor Productions brings their campy nonsense and anarchic deviance to bear on the trashy world of 1990s Lifetime Movies — the kind of trashy psychotic plot-defying guilty pleasure we secretly binged on with our moms! Women In Peril feeds the movies of Judith Light, Tori Spelling, and Meredith Baxter-Birney into a gender-bending blender and whips up a delicious satirical souffle of the infamously exploitative television-for-women genre. Will the heroines overcome their [tragic loss/eating disorder/drug addiction/homicidal urges] in time to save their [tweaked out learning impaired teenage daughter/obsessed gender-confused lover/sociopathic next door neighbor] from [impending obscurity/complete psychological breakdown/unspeakable violence/drag overdose/hallucinatory musical numbers]? Find out this Spring when Annex Theatre hosts Bad Actors Productions in Women In Peril!

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