Adeline Blondieau: what annoyed her the most in her relationship with Johnny Hallyday

Present in It starts today this Friday, May 22, Adeline Blondieau gave up on her marriage to Johnny Hallyday. A union agitated by critics.

Before Laeticia, there were Adeline Blondieau. In 1990, Johnny Hallyday married the ex-sitcom star The girls next door, when she was 19 years old. Separated two years later, the Taulier and the actress had remarried in Las Vegas April 16, 1994 before definitively breaking up a year later. But if, between them, love was not a long quiet river, Adeline Blondieau also suffered numerous attacks, in particular from rocker fans. This Friday, May 22 in It starts today, she confided in this matter to Faustine Bollaert.

Because when she shared the daily life of Johnny Hallyday, all eyes had turned to her. An instant and destabilizing notoriety for the actress of Under the sun. "It was very violent (…) Johnny fans were very aggressive with me", she started. And to add:"it was very complicated to spit on it, insult it when you come in or when you leave your house."To protect herself, as she slipped to Faustine Bollaert, Adeline Blondieau was forced to appeal to bodyguards. "It was difficult (…) we hurt no one."

Adeline Blondieau, from actress to sophrologist

Separated from Johnny Hallyday, Adeline Blondieau found love in the arms of the Argentinian model Sergio Temporelli, the father of his son Aïtor born in 1999, then of Laurent Hubert, to whom she offered a little girl named Wilona August 30, 2011. Moments of happiness that did not allow him to escape to depression. She suffered from burnout syndrome in 2009.

"He declared himself because I worked too much and that I did not get enough gratification. When the gap between what you give and what you receive is too large, that ruins you", she explained to our colleagues in the magazine Paris here in April 2020. Celebrity, pressure, attacks … Adeline Blondieau is now far from the hustle and bustle of star life. On January 11, 2020, she opened her own sophrology office in the ninth arrondissement of Paris.

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