And the best canine performer is … Uggie from "The Artist"

And the best canine performer is ... Uggie from "The Artist"

He had charmed the whole world in "The Artist" (2011): the Jack Russel Uggie has become the best canine interpreter of the last twenty years, by receiving, posthumously, the palm dog palm, an award usually given during the Cannes Film Festival, canceled this year.

For health reasons, this ceremony was held virtually, on the Zoom application, with Dash, the lining of Uggie, receiving the necklace encrusted with diamonds in place of the canine star who disappeared five years ago 13 years old.

Created by Anglo-Saxon film critics, the Palm Dog Wamiz has been presented every year in Cannes since 2001. It rewards the best canine interpretation in a film of the official selection, whether it is of flesh (… and d 'os) or in an animated film.

In 2019, the pittbull Brandy, in "Once upon a time in Hollywood", was distinguished. At the origin of this canine distinction, Toby Rose decided to reward Uggie once again for his performance in "The Artist", but also for having displayed his price during the whole promotion of the film, he indicated to the 'hooly News.

An award that also shines a spotlight on the work of canine educator Omar Von Muller, also at work for Quentin Tarantino's film, with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Winning the Palme dog was the launching pad for "The Artist" until the Oscars, he recalls. "At the time, we did not know how the film was going to be received," he told hooly News, from his home in Los Angeles decorated with many portraits of Uggie. "He was a member of the family. He liked to work and to have attention on him, on the sets. He will be in our hearts forever. ”