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Blackdale Latter Matter: Vanessa Morgan of Riverdale denounces the treatment of black actors in Hollywood

As America and the whole world become indignant about the death of George Floyd, who took place during a police arrest in Minneapolis, the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining momentum. For several days, mobilizations have taken place around the world, and Tuesday evening, in Paris, it is around Assa Traoré that the French gathered to demand justice for Adama, also dead during an arrest, in the Val d'Oise, in 2016.

In Hollywood, languages ​​are untied. For the past two days, actress Lea Michele has been accused by a former screen partner of the "Glee" series of racism. For her part, actress Vanessa Morgan, known for her role in "Riverdale", wanted to speak about the roles entrusted to black actors. "I'm sick of the way black people are portrayed in the media, sick of being called thugs, dangerous people, angry, scary. I'm also fed up with being used as tasteless secondary characters alongside the white lead roles. Or that we are only used in advertisements for diversity but not for entertainment. It starts with the media. I will no longer be silent. "

Faced with the many messages of support she received, she also wanted to defend the actors with whom she shared the poster for "Riverdale", stating that "they are not writing the series".

Vanessa Morgan continues her commitment with a decision to highlight the talent of black designers thanks to her notoriety. “From now on, on all the red carpets and at each event, I will wear and support black designers. Any new black designer, let me know. I support you. I see you. "