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Boris Johnson: this intimate scandal that led him to resign

The British Prime Minister's taste for extramarital affairs has cost him dearly in the past.

Boris Johnson, 55, is known for his provocative statements and most recently for being infected with the coronavirus to the point of being placed in intensive care on oxygen. A former journalist, the current Prime Minister, who entered politics almost 20 years ago, knows how to get people talking and make himself known. But this aptitude and this desire to please can turn against their owner.

The Prime Minister thus leads a personal life to say the least. Married for the first time at 23, he cheated on his first wife, Allegra Mosty, with a childhood friend, Marina Wheeler, who he too married. Together they have four children the first of which was born barely two months after the divorce between Boris Johnson and his first wife. In the early 2000s, the press revealed that Boris Johnson had a long relationship with a journalist, Petronella Wyatt.

A new child in 2020

Even if he denies, the press continues to make revelations on this case and in particular that the young woman would have become pregnant and should have had an abortion. It is too much for his image as a public figure.

The case caused such a scandal that the Conservative Party, of which he was the vice-president, decided to dismiss from office. An eviction that does not seem to calm Boris Johnson since he is known to have three other relationships and a new child out of wedlock before his wife, Marina Wheeler, breaks down and requests a divorce.

Petronella Wyatt has meanwhile returned to the front of the stage by revealing to the Daily Mail confidences that Boris Johnson would have made on the pillow. He reportedly said: "I find it perfectly unreasonable to want to restrict men to one woman."

Since then, Boris Johnson has had a new child, on April 29, 2020 with her ex-mistress and now official partner, Carrie Symonds and became engaged to her a few days after her divorce was declared.

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