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DVD Pick: Tower Heist

Heist movies are a firm favorite. Although not every movie turns out to be an Inside Man or an Ocean's 11, there are some that have a lot of potential, and you would definitely love to see what they do with the characters that are so succinctly portrayed. We just got our hands on such, and we'd definitely say that this one has a future to itself. Here is a review of Tower Heist, starring Ben Affleck, Eddie Murphie, and others.

Tower Heist is set in an all service apartment service, where only the rich and the famous come to live. Ben Stiller plays Josh Kovacs, the floor manager, who has an affable air around himself, and is friends with everyone, from the bellboy to the manager of the hotel. In this hotel, like everyone where the rich and famous live, lives a billionaire investment banker, Straw, played by Alan Alda who takes time to give Kovacks tips on how to hire people.

It all comes crumbling down when the billionaire investment banker is cached by the SEC on insider trading, stock fraud, and a number of other cases. Of course, it should make no difference to Kovacks and Gang, he was just a person living in the hotel, but it turns out that Kovacks had given away the pension of the entire hotel to the billionaire to get it tripled. Stiller not only gets into a personal quagmire with everyone around, but his professional life sufferers too, when he smashes a very valuable car in the investment banker's room, because one of his ex-collections tried to commit suicide, after he loses all his money to his investment ideas.

Kovacks now makes a ragtag team out of the three who followed him into the room to confront the billionaire, after he finds out from a sympathetic FBI agent that they have not yet got their hands on the cash cache that such frauds usually have. How he does that forms the rest of the movie.

To be frank, the movie is not quite intelligent as The Inside Man, and is not even quite as much racy as Fast and the Furious 5, but it has its sparkling moments. Stiller has all the awesome dialogues, and Eddie Murphy portraits a character in the right manner after a long, long while. Casey Affleck performs nicely as the on-off frenemy for Ben Stiller, and Matthew Broderick as the disgraced investment banker gives a good character to the movie too.

This movie is not for the hardcore heist fans, but for those who like a little bit of comedy about a bunch of madcap fellers who try to do something illegal – it might just be the DVD he would in itself is not all that great and there are several loopholes to the movie, but Stiller and Murphy do carry the movie on their shoulders.