Angels in America New Script Reading Act 2 part 1

Updated ‘Angels’ script gets first staged reading in Provincetown
Martin Bedogne rehearses his role as Joe Pitt with director Michael Walczak (seated) for this weekend’s staged reading of Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America Part II: Perestroika.”

By Maria Nazos
GateHouse News Service
Posted Nov 14, 2012 @ 07:00 AM
Last update Nov 14, 2012 @ 02:21 PM

A slender woman with closely cropped blond hair struggles with an imaginary tree. She lugs the invisible, but nonetheless heavy pine across the floor by its trunk. She has an intent look on her face, as if she is determined enough to bend steel.

Meanwhile, a second woman sitting in a chair looks on, concerned. The air is rife with tension. The blonde woman is smuggling a tree from an arboretum. And there is nothing that anyone can do to stop her.

This is only one of the arresting scenes in “Angels in America: Part II: Perestroika,” which the Actors Theater Group, a lively and diverse new ensemble of mostly local thespians, is performing this weekend at Provincetown’s Unitarian Universalist Meeting House.

The reading’s director, Michael Walczak, heads the group, which includes Anne Stott, Melissa Nussbaum Freeman, Mark Adams, Griff Griffith, Tony Johnson, Mark Weinress, Sewall Whittemore and Martin Bedogne.

“Angels in America Part II: Perestroika” is the sequel to the “Angels in America Part I: Millennium Approaches,” which the group performed at The Provincetown Theater last spring. Both full-length plays were written by Tony Kushner, who has worked and vacationed in Provincetown for the past 20 years and who was honored this past summer by the Fine Arts Work Center at FAWC’s annual benefit gala.

“Tony volunteered the rewrite,” Walczak says. “He said he had always thought the original needed work. The rewrite is tighter. It clears up confusion over heaven and angels. The poetry of his work comes through loud and clear. He said he would hope someday to stage a full production [of this rewrite].”

The plays, which opened on Broadway in 1993, earned Kushner both a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award. Several years later, the HBO epic miniseries aired in 2003, directed by Mike Nichols and featuring Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro and several other major celebrities, earning its author an Emmy.

According to Walczak, Kushner updated the script for this reading after he met the playwright at the summer FAWC party. This revised version has not yet been performed, thus making Provincetown’s Unitarian Universalist Meeting House its first dramatic home.

Set in New York City during the late 1980s, the plot follows the entwined lives of an assortment of people affected by the AIDS crisis. The lead character, a young man named Prior Walter, contracts AIDS after being abandoned by his partner. Shortly thereafter, Walter falls in love with the character of Joe Pitt, a closeted gay Mormon. Meanwhile an angel appears to Walter who informs him that both he and others afflicted by the AIDS virus are actually prophets.

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Not Now John – Chapter 6

NOT NOW JOHN Play chapter 1-30 below.
While still ecstatic about receiving good news from a previous audition, John Grimm decides to do another audition. He tries out for the role of a cop, based on the play “Be Black,” as showcased in the Brian De Palma film “Hi, Mom!” which features Robert De Niro. The audition takes a sour turn when the casting director makes a request that can leave John with a concussion.

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A Letter to Marty Scorsese Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2012: Current Covers

For many native New Yorkers like myself, the first Tribeca Film Festival in 2002 was a breath of fresh air. The brainchild of Producer Jane Rosenthal and the Taxi Driver himself, Robert De Niro, Tribeca was conceived in response to the attacks of 9/11 as a means of drawing tourism back to the economically-strapped neighborhood. But almost immediately, it turned into something much more than that. In just one short decade, the Tribeca Film Festival has become a world class annual event for the global artistic community.

This year the festival was more dynamic than ever, boasting a rich slate of films both documentary and narrative, short and feature-length from all around the globe. It’s the rare event where a small, shoestring love story like Kat Coiro’s While We Were Here, sits comfortably next to the box-office behemoth The Avengers. Many of the films featured are being seen by audiences for the first time, which is in itself is an intoxicating thing to experience. However even more fun to watch are the directors and actors experiencing audiences for the first time responding to their blood, sweat and celluloid.

Current Covers caught up with a few of those filmmakers to get some insight into their films and what Tribeca means to them.

Aired: Current TV, 2012
Executive Producer: Win Rosenfeld
Camera: Brian Epstein

[1] Throw

Antonio and Seth throw a paper ball around.

Antonio was played by Robert De Niro
Seth was portrayed by Morgan Freeman
Directed by Adam Sandler

Taxi Driver : La paranoïa projetée à l’écran

Un documentaire de Stéphane Kazadi

LANGUES : Français / Anglais
SOUS-TITRES : Anglais / Français
FORMAT : 16/9
DURÉE : 51 min

“Taxi Driver” c’est avant tout un personnage, Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro), dont tout le monde s’accorde à reconnaître le caractère paranoïaque. Pourtant, rien d’objectif ne nous l’indique. Comment cette certitude naît-elle dans l’esprit du spectateur ?
À travers une analyse de la maladie et du film, “Taxi Driver: La paranoïa projetée à l’écran” propose une vision nouvelle du chef d’œuvre de Martin Scorsese.


Midnight Run de MARTIN BREST – Sessões de Culto – Sessão #10

Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) é um duro ex-polícia convertido em caçador de recompensas. Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas (Charles Grodin) é um tímido contabilista em fuga por um desfalque de 15 milhões de dólares feito à máfia. Jack receberá a bonita soma de 100.000 dólares se conseguir levar Duke de Nova Iorque para Los Angeles no prazo acordado… e vivo. Parece uma típica “Fuga à Meia Noite”, mas acaba por se transformar numa perseguição por todo o país. Realizado e produzido por MARTIN BREST ( BEVERLY HILLS COP), MIDNIGHT RUN é uma das mais hilariantes comédias de acção de sempre.

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Bilhetes já à venda no Espaço Nimas

O Espaço Nimas lançou o convite e FILIPE MELO aceitou o desafio: desde o passado mês de Outubro numa quarta-feira aleatória de cada mês, o músico, autor de banda desenhada e realizador apresenta um filme à sua escolha, no programa SESSÕES DE CULTO. São exibidos filmes insólitos, de culto, que não podem ser vistos no circuito comercial e que influenciaram gerações.
Estas sessões contam com convidados especiais e muitas surpresas.

#1 THE ROOM (2003), de Tommy Wiseau
#2 EL TOPO (1970) de Alejandro Jodorowsky
#3 GREMLINS (1984) de Joe Dante c/ presença do actor ZACH GALLIGAN
#4 THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS (1967) de Roman Polanski
#5 GROUNDHOG DAY (1993) de Harold Ramis
#6 DUEL (1971) de Steven Spielberg
#7 DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE (1994) de Michele Soavi
#8 THE TOXIC AVENGER (1984) + RETURN TO NUKE ´EM HIGH VOL.1 (2013) de Lloyd Kaufman
#9 THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987) de Rob Reiner


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In his directorial debut, two-time Academy Award-winner Robert De Niro stars as Lorenzo Anello, a hard working bus driver who must stand up to the local mob boss if he is to keep his son from falling into a life of crime. The streets of the Bronx are a tough place for a kid to grow up. You learn fast or lose everything. Lorenzo’s son, Calogero learns about the virtues of hard, honest work from his father who owns nothing but his integrity. He also learns about easy money and life on the streets from the man who owns them, a mobster called Sonny (Chazz Palminteri).
Now Calogero must choose between earning respect like his father, or commanding it like Sonny. Always one step away from a broken bottle, a pistol whipping or a shotgun blast, one young man, torn between two worlds just a city block apart, is about to learn that the streets run two ways. For every cent of easy money, there’s a tough, and sometimes deadly lesson to be learned.

Robert de Niro and Joe pesci for relegation Italy’s qualification for the football World Cup

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Italian old actors for relegation Italy’s qualification for the football World Cup in Moscow in 2018.
Gianluigi Buffon Crying On TV After Italy Failed To Qualify For The World Cup

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Calzature Marini, “Su misura” Act I

The Italian shoe making is famous all over the world as the best of its kind with talented artisans and quality materials. The Marini Calzature has been among the best of the industry for over a century, ever since 1899, when the grandfather of Carlo Marini opened a boutique for custom made shoes in the heart of Rome.

Buying a pair of leather shoes from Marini Calzature is an entirely unique experience that starts with feet measuring and after more than 40 hours of handwork ends in the final product. Like father like son, the Marini family takes pride in their generation-long tradition of 100% handmade quality shoes as well as their distinguished clientele, such as Robert de Niro, Sergio Leone, and even Queen Elizabeth II.