Celebrities and Their Cars

Classic cars, expensive cars, and flashy cars; these are part and parcel of being a major celebrity with cash to burn. It does not matter whether the classic car insurance is expensive, or the car itself costs more digits than we have fingers, if it looks good then it's time to buy. Check out some of these celebrities and the rides that use to roll around town with.

Simon Cowell
Simon believes he has the X-Factor with his sleek black Bugatti Veyron. It certainly is a contrast from his exceptionally white smile. He's picked a car with the ability to go at immense times, but with his constant jet-setting between the UK and the USA, despite a plane would be more ideal …

Brad Pitt
A man who is hardly ever out of the paparazzi limelight, Brad Pitt has finally found a car that is as odd as his beard. He has been photographed with a new Chevrolet Camaro SS, which would not be so bad if it was not for the Halloween themed paint job!

Victoria Beckham
Posh Spice lost her little black dress and instead jazzed herself up with this little white Porsche Turbo. Unfortunately this car was actually seen breaking down and being taken away on the back of a lorry.

John Mayer
On-off boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston, musician John Mayer has been seen with a wide assortment of cars recently. While he may understand what makes a pretty guitar, he clearly has no idea about what colors best suit a car. He is photographed at a petrol station filling up his light blue and orange Ford GT. Yikes.

Taylor Lautner
Taylor was first seen driving around in an Audi R8, but has now been spotted driving Taylor Swift around in a Porsche Turbo. It must be so hard choosing which expensive car is next on the 'to-buy' list, but someone's got to do it.

A Review of the Twilight Saga – New Moon

When the first Twilight movie came out a year ago, and was such a hit that the sequels were immediately greenlighted, there was one big question on everyone's mind.

Who would play Jacob Black?

Jacob is, of course, the male protagonist in New Moon, and his character appeared briefly in Twilight. Taylor Lautner, wearing a long dark wig, played the role of Bella's Native American friend … fine. He was good. I liked him, and I thought he did the part justice. He certainly looks a lot like I'm imagined Jacob.

But in New Moon, Jacob is a lot more than a dark-skinned buddy. He has far more face time than Bella's vampire boyfriend, Edward, who leaves Bella in a misguided attempt to protect her from himself and his kind. When Bella falls apart, Jacob is there for her. He's best friend, lifeline, and the one who helps Bella in her ill-advised escapades. The relationship between these two is deep, warm, loving, and compelling.

Plus also, Jacob has gotten huge. He's developed serious muscles and grown several inches. That was the kicker … Could baby-faced Lautner pull off that? Not just the appearance, not just the acting, but the sheer physical requirements of the role?

Lautner set out to prove that he could do it. He worked out tirelessly, taking his body from a slender 16-year-old's to a Mr. Teen Universe 17-year old's. He is not extremely tall, but he matches Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward, and that's all that matters. Since, since Jacob is not the only buffet Quileute, it must be a casting director's nightmare to try to find a half-dozen 7-foot-tall muscle bound Native American actors. Six feet tall looks to have sufficed.

That was not all that Lautner did. He read the books. He studied Jacob's character, his feelings, his motivations. He worked with an acting coach to get deep inside Jacob, to understand him, and to make that understanding show on the screen.

Obviously, Taylor Lautner really, really wanted to play Jacob. So director Chris Weitz took the chance, and re-cast him in the role.

Thank you, Mr. Weitz! Something happened to Lautner between Twilight and New Moon. He attained new depths of his craft-and managed to communicate humor, angst, fear, rage, violence and tenderness vividly, all without a shirt on.

In short, 17-year-old Taylor Lautner carries this movie on his muscular shoulders.

Sure, there are other good performances. Kristen Stewart finally has some emotion to work with, so her portrait of Bella is deaf and more evocative than before. Robert Pattinson is not on screen much, and the parts that he does have are cut by the screen play, but he does a good job of depicting the terror, temptation and heartbreak Edward goes through – at least as much as he's allowed to.

I think that Weitz and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg give the Cullens short shrift for the most part, so they can spend more time on Jacob and his relationship with Bella. That's too bad, because the scenes with the vampires set up the whole rest of the movie-and are vital to understanding the sequel, Eclipse.

There was one scene with the Cullens that stands out, however. After Bella is injured at her birthday party, Carlisle, the vampire dad and doc played by Peter Facinelli, takes her away from the other vamps to stitch her up. They have a quiet and gentle conversation, in which Carlisle explains to Bella why Edward is so related to change her into a vampire. The common understanding is that vampires are damned, that they no longer have souls, and Edward refuses to rob Bella of hers. The scene cut some important stuff from the book, but the connection between Bella and Carlisle is very moving.

But when it comes to the Quileutes (and I'm just gonna give the secret away here-the young Quileute men are werewolves, okay?), The whole pack, led by Jacob (performance-wise, I mean-Jacob is not actually the Alpha) simply shines. This is where Weitz did his best work. The wolfpack actors make the most out of small supporting roles, they look hot shirtless, they're both funny and menacing, and they photograph extremely well. Both the drive to protect and the incipient violence are offered in equally believable measures.

The heart of the movie is, of course, this love-triangle of texts. Bella pines for Edward, and while we do not see much of it on screen, Edward is also falling apart without Bella. But Bella, at least, has Jacob, while Edward is utterly alone. It's no wonder, then, that when Edward thinks Bella has killed herself, he wants to follow her into oblivion.

In the meantime, while Edward is Bella's one true love, she comes to lean on Jacob more and more, and his feelings for her develop and strengthen. He knows she's wounded, but he falls in love with her, anyway. And she loves him, too, in her own damaged way. But Edward is always first in her heart, and when he needs her, she leaves Jacob and goes to him. That scene beautifully parallels the scene in the beginning of the film where Edward leaves Bella. Jacob begs Bella not to go, just as Bella begged Edward not to go. Bella leaves Jacob, anyway, just as Edward left her. And the result is heartbreak for everyone.

Along the Quileute werewolves, another exciting group of characters enters the picture in this installation. The Volturi are a group of powerful vampires who administers the laws in the vampire world. They also mete out the punishments, and Edward goes to them to ask them to kill him.

The most prominent and noticeable of the Volturi is the character Aro, the head of the group, played by Michael Sheen. He was wonderful, and somehow managed to convey delight, interest, and bloodthirst in the same expressions. For a minute I really thought he was going to eat Bella!

Dakota Fanning, as the young sadistic vampire Jane, did justice to the role. There are only so many ways an actor can convey something that's entirely mental, but her pain-inflicting red-eyed death glare did a pretty good job. She depicted the authority and confidence of someone who knows she holds all the cards and always will.

There are weaknesses in the film, of course. I wanted Edward and Bella both to suffer more. In the book, they are wrecks, though we see more of Bella's wreckage. But we did not see the depths of her destruction like we should have. I do not think that it was Stewart's fault; I think that Rosenberg was in too much of a rush to get to the werewolves and shirtless Jacob (and I guess I can not blame her …).

The makeup was much better than last time, but gorgeous Nikki Reed, playing ultra-gorgeous Rosalie, looked odd in her blonde wig – why not just dye her hair blonde? And there was not nearly enough Emmett! His line about Bella being an older woman was awesome, but he should have had more. His part, like most of the Cullens', was rushed through by the writer.

But kudos to the makeup people for how Edward appeared in the Volturi scene-except for the fact that he had gold eyes (a flat-out error-he was not eating. That was good … he should look wretched there. And I wanted more from the reunion scene and the voting scene-again, they were rushed. Rosenberg needs to learn to slow down the emotional parts. We do not read these books or watch these movies for the action or the special effects-we love them for the emotion. Let us experience it for a few minutes before you move on!

So, the final judgment on The Twilight Saga: New Moon is: Pretty Darn Good. The character and role of Jacob was the make-or-break element for this movie, and Taylor Lautner rose to the occasion beautifully. He really made the movie work.

The movie was not without its problems, but what would we talk about on the discussion boards if it was perfect? I mean, beside Taylor's abs …

5 Classy Twilight Party Favors

When a bunch of friends meet up, it automatically becomes party time. And if all of them have similar tastes in the craze, the ordinary party becomes a theme party. There is one word which makes fans all over the world go wild – Twilight. Stephanie Meyer would not have imagined her book series to make such a revolution. The Twilight effect has entered our living rooms not only through their brilliant movie adaptations, but also in the form of the refreshingly cool party themes it offers.

The Twilight series like the Harry Potter series, have taken children to adults by storm. It has become a norm to conduct birthday parties, Halloween parties, and high school and college parties on Twilight themes.

There are numerous Twilight specific party favors available online and we can start off by giving out personalized Twilight invitations for all those fanatics of Twilight attending the party. Do not forget to play the Twilight soundtracks all through the party. Not enough, still want more? Watch the movie again with all the crazy fans.

The whole party house can be decorated by posters and pictures of the Twilight cast. An all girls party will love having Robert Pattinson staring at them from all directions. You can have life size posters of your favorite Edward, Bella and Jacob all enjoying the party with you.

Now the music and ambience is all set. What next? Parties serve great food and when it is a theme party, we need to do a lot of research to stick to the theme as much as possible. Red is the color of the day and try having as many items in red as possible. Italian cuisine is the obvious choice as we know that the Cullens family cooks Italian food when Bella visits their house. You can also make mushroom ravioli, as Bella orders that on her first dinner with Edward.

You already have the Twilight stars decorating your walls. Why not have them on your dinner plates and cups? You can buy Twilight personalized cake plates, dinner plates, cups and also napkins. There are Twilight party ware sets available too. Your friends will freak out having their stars in such proximacy. You can add your touch to the cutlery by making it reddish and gory.

It is not customary to send away friends empty handed after the party. When it is a Twilight theme party you need not think too much about the giveaways. There are numerous options for Twilight fans available in the market. Be it a keychain with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson's or Taylor Lautner picture or posters, action figures used during the movie promotion, Twilight maniacs will go gaga over them. If you have saved enough for the party and ready to be generous, you can also giveaway the movie DVDs or sound track CDs.

Increase the Twilight flavor by even taking care of the dress code for the party. Red dominates the day and you can have deep red nail colors and gorgeous dresses reminding of the overly girlish Alice Cullen. Be careful while opening candidates to avoid catastrophes like in Bella's birthday party at the Cullens.

All said and done have a ball arranging and enjoying the party and sign off after a toast to the brilliant Twilight team.

5 Unique Twilight Party Favors

This fall Twilight fans everywhere are anticipating the release of the Twilight sequel New Moon to theaters this November. One of the main way fans will do so by throwing Twilight themed parties for Halloween, Birthdays, or just day of release parties. Each party will try to make the event a fun and unforgettable experience for everyone involved. One way this will be done is by giving special and original Twilight Favors. These items are gifts that you traditionally give as thanks to guests for coming to your party. In this case a great way to thank fellow Twilight fans who came to your event is with special collectibles. Here are some great suggestions for Twilight party favors …

A great idea is to give promotional merchandise from the movies as favorites. Depending on how much you can afford you can buy posters, toys, and other items that the movie studio has contracted to be made to promote the Twilight franchise. A great place to look is at your local supermarket or party supply store. With a second movie in the Twilight franchise coming up, you will be sure to find some great items near you.

Try also looking on the internet. The big thing in retail is online shopping. It has been around for awhile but this year it has really started to hit its stride. The best thing about looking for your Twilight favors online is the wide selection available to you. If you know where to look, you will be able to find interesting items that can not be found by normal means. You also can take advantage of comparison shopping. If you do choose to for more generic options you will be able to look at different web sites and compare prices. This way you can find what you need at the best prices.

Look for items that have images of the movie characters. One of the big things for Twilight favors is finding items that have pictures of the key characters in the franchise. The key people are of course Edward Cullen played by Robert Patterson; Bella Swan played by actress Kristen Stewart, and Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner. There are tons of pictures of these three that you can find online or at local venues. If you can give party favors with these three on them you are good to go.

The Twilight movie franchise is based on the novel series by Stephenie Meyers so also try to find advantages that correspond to the book series as well. One thing to do is to give out music downloads of the authors playlists at your party. These are the series of songs that helped inspire Ms. Meyer as she wrote the Twilight books. This is a great idea especially if some of your guests are not aware of the website with the playlist. You can also use limited edition posters of the book covers as favors.

Another great idea for party favors is edible tricks. While giving guests collectible items is a good idea, why not also give them something delicious to take home as well? The main rule of thumb is to make sure that the educated favors you give match the Twilight theme. For example you can give bags of red juice that looks like fake blood, or trail mix that looks like Dog kibble to represent where wolves. There are also limited edition mints and candies that can be given.

Creative Solutions For Decorating a Twilight Party

Throwing a Twilight party is a great way to celebrate the arrival of the Third Twilight movie, Eclipse in movie theaters. However, putting a party together takes imagination, effort, and a bit of flair. What makes the task of organizing such an event so challenging is matching your planning to likes of so many diverse people. You have to look for common elements everyone will like and at the same time avoid committing the social sin of repeating what someone else did. Even if its' in a relatively smaller way you want to make your own unique mark on the event. Here are some suggestions to help you with that goal.

Twilight party decorations are a great place to start. You want to get directions that will immediately remind your guests of Twilight. A good start is cutouts of the characters. This is a great idea because the life sized cut outs of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson can become great props for taking photos. As for other themed decorations the way they can be tied to the Twilight theme depends on what you think the party location should look like to match the theme.

When decorating you need to decide on your color scheme. These will be the main colors you use that will tie all the decoration together to create your Twilight party look. Since its summer it can be challenge because using dark colors will look out of place. A good idea is to use only white and red as your colors and mix flowers and Christmas lights brighten things up and make your Twilight look season appropriate. You can go for darker colors if you throw a party during the fall or winter.

A good decoration idea is to use Twilight merchandise. A great idea if you want for Fan-tastic look is to put up movie posters of the first Three Twilight films as well as individual posters of the characters. You should also try getting posters of the main groups of supporting characters such as the Cullens, the Quileute werewolves, or the Volturi vampires. You can also find themed decorations at your local superstore or party store.

Another interesting thing to do is try to mix store decorations with your own Twilight creations. This may seem cost or involve a lot of work, but it is easier than you think. One of my favorite fan made decorations was a Twilight centerpiece. It took the motifs of the different Twilight book covers and combined them. A great idea is to go to your local discount store and get cheap decorations that remind you of Twilight and combine them to make new interesting ones.

Another thing to look for is great lighting. I already mentioned Christmas lights. However you do not have to limit your lighting options to just that. You can use LED lights and if you have a flair for programming or know someone that does you can get a miniature light display going on that will be sure to dazzle and impress your friends. You just need to find great ideas and find common sense ways to make them reality. Do not go for the fantasy just something close to it.