Bikini Babes Teaser 2 Ky bunny dance. A sexy bikini movie.

Watch a young Kate Upton look alike girl doing her “Bunny Dance!” It is not to be missed! She is the star of this movie, and she is joined with magnificent Mandy, who is a great bikini dancer. Watch these busty bikini girls dance with wiggles and jiggles, with one jiggle dance in slow motion! Kate Upton lookalike Ky is featured. She is soooo cute, with a perfect bikini body, and she LOVES TO JIGGLE! Lots of smiles, dancing, great music and perfect color with expert camera work. Their smiles will make you smile and feel happy. A bikini movie to watch again and again.

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Btw, Ky is from a small town. She came here to explore the city and did some bikini modelling which she had wanted to do for some time. She came three times, and each time she jiggled more and more, without any prompting by the director. Ky loves to wiggle and jiggle and shake her boobs in her bikini.
An all time classic featuring bikinis.

SNL – Mornin’ Miami #3 – Charlize Theron (Unaired)

From the dress Rehersal of episode 39×20 of Saturday Night Live. Original air date – May 10th, 2014. This video is for pure entertainment purposes only. I make no ownership claims. Content is owned by NBC/Universal.

Mornin’ Miami #1 – Miley Cyrus –
Mornin’ Miami #2 – Drake –