Justin Timberlake Tattoos – Between Music and Religion

Justin Timberlake has many tattoos – most of them are inspired by his religious belief. His family handed him down the passion for music and the faith in God. Two important aspects of his life, in which we can find the meaning of his tattoos.

Justin Randall Timberlake is a man of many talents: Pop singer, songwriter, extraordinary dancer, record producer, actor and much more.

He is not only good at making money and songs: former partner of Pop Star Britney Spears, he is now engaged with no less than super sexy Star Jessica Biel (not to mention the flirts with Cameron Diaz or Alyssa Milano).

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1981. He had his TV debut within "The Mickey Mouse Club" show, which included other future Top tattooed Stars such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and JC Chasez (future band-mate in the N Sync ).

As already mentioned, Justin Timberlake is a fervent believer. He was born in the so called Bible Belt, a big area of ​​the United States stretching from Texas to Florida north to the State of Missouri. His grandfather was a Baptist minister and his father a choir director at a Baptist church.

That is why music and faith always had such important influence on Justin mind.

So, most of Justin Timberlake tattoos are inspired by his religious belief. Here is a list of his tattoos:

1 – a huge cross tattoo covers his left shoulder, symbolizing his faith in Christ;
2 – a second very large tattoo is placed on Justin Timberlake's back and presents a cherubic angel under the inscription "Guardian". This angel carries a banner with Justin's mother's initials but, as far as I could learn, the tattoo is dedicated to Timberlake's half-sister, Laura Katherine, who died shortly after her birth. She is also mentioned in his acknowledgments in the album NSYNC as "My Angel in Heaven".
3 – Justin's zodiac sign of "Aquarius" is tattooed around his calf.
4/5 – two NSync related tattoo: one is visible on his wrist and the other one is placed on his ankle.
6 – A Chinese character, which is supposed to mean "Music"

In 2004 big sensation was caused by some pictures about Justin Timberlake completely covered by tattoos. However, they were not real tattoos, just temporary ones, painted on Justin's body while starring in the movie "Top Dog".

A Hybrid Car: The Best Of Two Worlds

If you have followed along with the news laTely, you have no doubt noticed the growing interest towards hybrid cars . What is this all about?

After nearly 100 years on the road the combustion engine is slowly becoming an old-timer. The environmental pollution and its unlimited threshold for fuel cause problems from smog to global warming. Furthermore, conventional engines actually become increasingly inefficient as they grow in size. Most cars use at the most one third of the energy present in the fuel, the reminder is lost in the form of heat and sound.

But only if gasoline starts costing way over 3 dollars per gallon, traditional cars will be considered as too thirsty – apart from the fact that they get the environment dirty. But the cleaner electrical technology, as in electrical vehicles, is not the ideal solution either. And hydrogen or gas cells are not fully developed yet. Here the hybrid car has its window of opportunity – a new automobile technology, which unites the best of two worlds: a gasoline and an electric motor.

The results?

The most pollution free motorized vehicle on offer thus far.

The hybrid technology manage to do this by connecting a small petrol engine with a torque-strong electric motor and a battery. And can in this way lower the fuel consumption and have a lower pollution factor.

In fact, some hybrid vehicles produce 50% less emissions than your conventional car. Although this is very good indeed, one has to admit that two power sources under the hood is more complicated, more susceptible to errors and may sound a bit wasteful even.

But if this will allow almost any driver to have 50% of gasoline savings and reduces the emissions by a third, it certainly can not be all wrong. And the best of everything is that these hybrid cars – in the short time have been on the market – have proven to be very road worthy vehicles as well.

ESPecially in the USA, where the environment is quickly becoming more and more polluted, hybrid vehicles play an increasingly important role – not least in California, where "Governorator" Arnold Schwarzenegger has opted for strict environmental protection guidelines.

For this reason no doubt, we can also see something of a Hybrid car craze in Hollywood right now. During the Academy awards of 2005, the most prestigious way to travel was not the long black limousine, but a hybrid car, which supposedly showed the environmental awareness of the celebrities.

On the other hand, one can also assume that the above phenomenon was a way to show ones status, as hybrid cars where rather rare and expensive at the time. Among the celebrities that where seen coming in various hybrid cars were Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams Harrison Ford and (surprise, surprise) Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.