When is a Name Change Not a Name Change?

Changing one's name is something that has been done time and again in the past and will be done many more times in the future. But there is a difference between a name change and a "name change." Confused? Do not be. Essentially, what we mean is that there are different kinds of name change, and some people who go by a certain name may have a different one legally. Legally changing your name dates going through a legal process to formalize your new name and using it in every aspect of your life. Occidentally, we will recognize someone by one name, when their driver's license and passport will say something completely different.

For example, actors often go by one name when their actual given name is something else entirely. There is a good reason behind this, often absolutely unrelated with any desire to get away from an embarrassing name (although if an actor feels that their original name is one that might not fly as well as an alternative, they can go with that). The Screen Actors Guild in the US (and its British equivalent, Equity) has a rule that prevails any two players on its books having the same name. Michael Keaton, famous for roles in the films Beetlejuice and Batman, was actually born Michael Douglas. But as there was already a Michael Douglas on the books – and a fairly successful one at that – the new actor changed his name for the purposes of acting, taking the surname from the actress Diane Keaton, who herself was born Diane Hall.

Then again, consider the actor Martin Sheen and his sons Emilio and Carlos. Born Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estevez, he took as his stage name the surname of Catholic theologist Fulton J. Sheen as a nod to his Irish roots. As Martin Sheen, the former Ramón Estevez went on to have a hugely successful acting career and one which continues to this day. His children evidently practiced the bug from him, as four registered actors have gone on to have practitioners of varying success. Among them are two who have had a similar degree of success as their father. Emilio Estevez and Carlos Estevez have each appeared in successful films and TV comedies and dramas. You have certainly heard of Emilio Estevez, but Carlos Estevez may not ring so many bells. But what about Charlie Sheen? Yes, they are one and the same person, Carlos having chosen to adopt his father's professional surname.

Then again, consider Reginald Kenneth Dwight, the popular singer and songwriter who under that name may never have made it quite so big. Which is why in the 1960s he changed it to "Elton Hercules John". Under the British deed poll system he changed his name not only for the purposes of the stage, but for everything. Here, upon being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998, his legal name became Sir Elton John (take or leave the "Hercules" part).

Other actors and singers have done the same, but Elton John is arguably the most famous and successful to have taken such stringent measures. Snoop Dogg's real name, for what it's worth, is Calvin Broadus, while Eminem was christened Marshall Mathers and continues to go by that name legally. This is the difference between an assumed name and one that is legally changed.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

Fun Facts About California – Golden State!


Did you know … For the first time in US history, the American government sent a woman to space. California's Sally Kristen Ride became the world's third spacewoman on June 18,1983, when she flew aboard the shuttle Challenger. It was a momentous win for the United States. The Encine-born Ride once said, "I did not come into the space program to be the first woman in space, I came in to get a chance to fly as soon as I could." Before Sally Ride became an astronaut she had been a tennis player. She was the first of two daughters born to Dale B. Ride and his wife, Joyce.


Did you know … Under the leadership of the governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, California became one of the world's most industrialized regions. From 1959 to 1967, his regional plan combined a high-tech modern economy with a human development strategy (focused on improved education, employment, and water system). Later on, it also earned one of America's highest per capita incomes. Today California has one of the world's largest well-educated workforces.

Well-Known Women

Did you know … This state has notable women: Sally Ride (astronaut), Joan Didion (author), Dianne Feinstein (politician), Amy Tan (author), Barbara Boxer (politician), Janet Evans (Olympic champ), Liza Minnelli (actress), Isadora Duncan (dancer), Carla Anderson Hills (politician), and Jodie Foster (performer).

World-Famous Athletes

California's Mark Spitz is one of the world's highest profile athletes. Indeed, in 1972, he secured his place in Olympic history when he became the first athlete (male or female) to win 7 swimming gold medals in a single Summer Olympics. In the 100m and 200m freestyle, Spitz defeated Australia's Mike Wenden, the 1968 Olympic champ. Since then, it was a momentous win for America and California. Apart from that, Spitz previously had won five gold medals at the 1967 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In 2008, Maryland's Michael Phelps, with 8 golds, was the only athlete to break Spitz's record. Mark Andrew Spitz was born on February 10, 1950 in Modesto, CA.


Did you know … On September 9, 1850, California became an official state in the US


Did you know … Respected across the globe as a Multifaceted actress, Diane Keaton, in April 1978, won a prize as Best Actress from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for her performance in "Annie Hall". Keaton has over 30 years of experience as an actress. She was born in Los Angeles (CA) on January 5, 1946.


Did you know … The state of California has an area of ​​158,869 square miles. It is about the size of Greece (50,900 sq. Mi.), Hungary (35,900 sq. Mi.), Ireland (27,100 sq. Mi.), Jamaica (4,200 sq. Mi.), And South Korea (38,000 sq. Mi. ) combined.

Academy Awards

Los Angeles is home to the Academy Awards Ceremony.

Olympic Games

Did you know … For the first time since 1932, the 1984 Summer Olympic Games were held in Los Angeles. Over 6,800 athletes from 140 countries and territories participated in the Games.

Noted Personalities

Did you know … Californian-born Hope Namgyal became Queen of Sikkim (a kingdom until 1975 when it was joined by India) in the 1960s. Her husband was the absolute monarch of Sikkim, a country in the Himalaya Mountains. This country had been closed to the outside world for several decades. She hails from San Francisco, CA.

National Historic Sites

Did you know … The American state holds four famous national historic sites:

-Eugene O'Neill (playwright's home, Danville)

-Fort Point (fortification, San Francisco)

-John Muir (environmentalist's home, Martinez)

-Manzanar (a former internment camp, Lone Pine)


Did you know … The American state hosted the FIFA World Championships. The 15th Men's World Cup was held in Pasadena in June / July 1994; an event that was the envy of the rest of the world. In the late 1980s, the Californian city triumphed over competitive bids from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Rabat (Morocco) and Santiago (Chile). During World Cup, the host country caused an upset in the first round of the tournament by beating Colombia (one of the heavy-favorites), and placed 14th, outpacing Switzerland, Russia, and Greece. Five years later, on July 10, 1999, Pasadena hosted the Women's World Tournament, where America finished first. Before 1994, the United States had never hosted the FIFA Championships.


Did you know … Sacramento, a city steeped in history, is the capital city of California

Science & Ecology

Did you know … The San Francisco-born Dian Fossey, who had a reputation as the world's leading researcher on gorillas, went to live in Rwanda (Africa). With the support of the Rwandan government, she worked at the Karisoke Research Center. In the early 1980s, she set up the Digit Foundation (today the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund), whose principal aim is to lend financial assistance to save gorillas in Rwanda.


Some of the world's best scientists, including several Nobel Prizes (among them Daniel McFadden in 2000) come from the University of California at Berkeley.

Tourist Attractions

Did you know … The Yosemite National Park is the most famous of California's national parks. It is the home to the country's highest waterfall.


Did you know … Between 1951 and 1953, Maureen Connolly, also known as "Little Mo", won nine grand slam events. According to an American magazine she is "an all-round player with a strong forehand stroke and terrific ability to concentrate …" She was born on September 17, 1934, in San Diego, CA.

Successful Dating For Grown Ups – Spontaneity is Overrated – Planning is the Secret

The statistics for successful marriage counseling are not good. Most couples wait until the fuse is too close to the dynamite before seeking professional counseling. Now this is profound: rather than waiting for coupling issues to explode, why not become proficient in the skill of discernment and partner selection BEFORE coupling-up? Instead of relying on the whim of chance or the risks of “romance”, why not create an intelligent, intentional plan for selecting a life partner?

You might answer, #1 because it isn’t “romantic” (like divorce is???) and #2 because nobody does it that way! There isn’t a model for mature, aware and conscious marriages…so how would someone go about it?

There’s another covert challenge to overcome: unconscious thought. Most single adults “date” like adolescents. 1) We automatically pose, puff and generally market (what we think are) our best attributes and hide the worst. 2) We all harbor unexplored beliefs and assumptions that lurk so far under the radar that we don’t even suspect they exist. And 3) most of our learned ideas about relationships are WRONG….at least they don’t seem to work out very well. And most of us have no clue as to their origin or the extent that they control us.

Do you like to watch movies? Even if you’ve already seen it, you might want to re-visit “Something’s Gotta Give” with Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson. Although their years attest their claim to maturity, they relate with each other like teenagers. They are grayer; they are richer; and they have keener relationship skills–except with each other.

It seems they are stuck in an “age-warp”. He is an older version of the horny football captain and she is an older version of the idealistic prom queen. He wants an uncomplicated and convenient physical relationship; she wants romance and exclusivity. They don’t quite match up, do they?

Despite their years, neither has any experience in creating a unique mature relationship. Without a model or experience in relating as romantic adults they seem trapped in their adolescent mode of behaviors and notions.

Like most romantic comedies, the rest of the movie is vignette after vignette of trials, errors, upsets and misunderstandings. Both know they WANT to get together, but neither knows how to get past their own issues. Through the course of the movie (because the script-writers are clever and adept), our hero and heroine learn about what really counts, how to take care of themselves as individuals and how to reflect on what they really want. But they are uncontrollably pushed and pulled by the events and their emotions rather than consciously choosing and responding from a position of personal strength.

And, here’s where Hollywood makes a u-turn: “The End” is really the beginning and we don’t get to see how they continue to resolve their day-to-day relationship challenges. We assume they live happily ever after…despite the fact that neither has explored the context of their experience.

So what to do? Become more intentional and aware of yourself and your relationships.

  • Explore, Observe, Study, Imagine, Dream— careful introspection is wise. Few people (maybe none!) are totally unaffected by their experience and life events. So, if you have been around the block a few times, you might want to re-assess your beliefs and notions that have evolved as a result of your experience. You are not the same person you were when you were 20…or 30…or 40. It doesn’t make sense that you have frozen your requirements, needs and wants in a time capsule–they have matured with you. So, dig ’em up and take a careful thoughtful look at them. Throw away those that no longer fit and think about including possible new ones.
  • Create a Plan. When you are clear about what characteristics you want in a partner and a partnership, make a list–but don’t go “shopping”. Re-read, revise and re-write your list over a few weeks (at least). Then delete or add characteristics as appropriate. This is YOUR list and YOUR life–you might as well have it the way you want it!
  • Finally, Get Creative. Think of places you are likely to meet the person with the characteristics you’re seeking. And get yourself out there. Look for a “friend” first; someone who aligns with you and resonates with your personality and lifestyle. Take it slowly and with care.

Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names from the Gods and Goddesses

Many of our baby names come from the gods and goddesses of the ancient Romans and Greeks. For example, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, Martin comes from Mars, the god of war. And Flora was the goddess of flowers.

Some baby names come from place names of the gods. Cynthia, for instance, comes from “Kynthos,” the mountain birthplace of Artemis, goddess of the hunt and her twin, Apollo, god of wild animals.

Gods and goddesses were titans, sea nymphs, tree spirits and other immortals. They roamed the earth and sped across the sky in chariots. They loved and they fought – just like humans.

Let is look at a few of these baby names.

God Baby Boy Names

Achilles (Greek) means “Destroyer. Achilles was the hero of the Trojan War. His motherm a sea nymph, tried to make him immortal by bathing him in the River Styx. She missed one heel, however, and he was slain by an arrow through that heel. Famous bearers of this name is the Emperor Achilleus, 3rd Century AD ruler of Egypt. Also, actor Achilles Bombanassa.

Adonis (Greek) meaning “Lord.” Adonis was a handsome mortal youth when Aphrodite, goddess of love, fell in love with him. When Adonis was killed by a wild boar, his body was given to Aphrodite. A famous bearer is actor Adonis Kapsalis.

Hercules (Greek from “Herkles.”) Hercules was the son of Jupiter, the king of gods. He was strong and was well-known for performing 12 mighty labors. Famous bearers include Agatha Christy’s detective, Hercule Poirot.

Orion (Greek) meaning “Light.” Orion was a hunter who fell in love with Diana, goddess of the moon. When he was killed hunting, Diana carried him to Heaven and turned him into the constellation Orion. Famous Orions are actors Orion Clemens and Orion Barnes.

Damon (Greek) meaning “One who Tames.” According to Greek legend, Damon was so faithful to his friend Pythias, that he prepared to lay down his life for him – and was saved at the last moment. Famous Damons include author Damon Runyon and actors Matt Damon and Damon Andrews.

Goddess Baby Girl Names

Aurora (Latin) The Goddess of the Dawn. Aurora gives her name to the rainbow of lights in the night sky known as Aurora Borealis. Famous Auroras include author Aurora Dupin (Georges Sand) and poet, Aurora Cornu.

Diana (Latin) Goddess of the Moon and of the Hunt. The name became popular in the second half of the 20th Century. Famous Dianas include Diana, Princess of Wales and the actress Diane Keaton.

Daphne (Greek) meaning “Laurel Tree.” Daphne was a nymph who caught the eye of Apollo. To escape his advances, she turned into a laurel tree. Apollo was so sad, he wore her branches around his head as his symbol. Famous Daphnes include author Daphne du Maurier and actress Daphne Zuniga.

Minerva (Latin) meaning “Mind.” The Goddess of Wisdom and of War. This name was popular in the 19th Century but is rare today. Famous bearers are Minerva McGonagall of “Harry Potter” and the actress Minerva Urecal.

June (Latin) This name comes from the goddess Juno, Goddess of the Family and Guardian of Women. Famous Junes include actresses June Allyson and June MacCloy.

We have just seen some of the most powerful and beautiful baby boy names and baby girl names from the gods and goddess of ancient Rome and Greece. Perhaps you found your own name among them.

Do The Celebrities Live Up To Their Goddess Birth Sign?

Christina Ricci Born 12 Feb 1980 Goddess birth sign Hathor

Hathor women have the gift of shape-shifting – reinventing themselves for fresh inspiration. And there is no better example of this energy manifesting itself than with Christina Ricci – she has, after all, been quoted as saying "I certainly hope I'm not still answering child-star questions by the time I reach menopause."

Breaking free from the danger of being typecast as a child-star (The Addams Family and Casper), Christina ditched her cutie doll image and successfully reinvented herself into a cutting-edge vixen in risqué roles. Subsequently she has attracted new fan bases with each shape-shift.

Her image, attitude and philosophy gets a regular makeover, but with Hathor guiding her natural instincts, she will continue doing so with aplomb.

Kristin Davis Born 24 Feb 1965 Goddess birth sign Oshun

Goddess of universal love and sensuality, Oshun women are generous with their time for themselves during a tidal "ebb", and for others during a "flow". We all saw this trait in action through Kristin's character Charlotte (Sex And The City), but how true does the Oshun character ring in real life?

Kristin is a unique balance of strength and innocence – she succumbed to alcoholism before finding the strength to deal with the demands of Hollywood and facing it (sober) head-on.

She is at once innocent, batting her eyelashes and giving an enigmatic smile in the face of sauciness; and sexy, comfortable in her own skin with a 'less is more' approach to make up thereby 'keeping it real'.

Sarah Jessica Parker Born March 25, 1965 Goddess birth sign Athena

Born leaders, powerful and zesty, Athena girls are feisty and resourceful. But sometimes they are too much so and could do with directing their courage towards asking for help.

Sarah Jessica Parker is the classic Athena archetype – strong, independent and a warrior princess. The downside to this strength is she'd feel ashamed to ask for help in case it made her appear weak.

No-one is going to think any less of her if she asked for time out to look after herself for a while. In fact, she'd be doing herself a favor if she asked someone else to do it for her! After all, even Athena could not protect Athens 24/7 – sometimes warrior princesses need to rest their sword too!

Michelle Pfeiffer Born 29 April 1958 Goddess birth sign Juno

Juno women seek stable relationships, material security and an enriched home life. And as though she was not enough that she has a rewarding private life with husband David E Kelley and their adopted children, Michelle Pfeiffer has worked hard to ensure that she is an entrenched part of our lives as a household name as well.

Thanks to her Juno grounding, Michelle was able to maintain her dignity when rumors surfaced from her husband having a fling with Ally McBeal's Calista Flockhart.

Rather than relying on others for her happiness, Michelle drew on her birth patroness' energy to strengthen the relationship from within, thereby including a strong family unit.

Nicole Kidman Born 20 June 1967 Goddess sign Persephone

Vital and intelligent, innocent and fickle, Persephone gals have an amazing capacity for self-empowerment. They can make the most of a rotten situation and turn it around to their benefit.

This is certainly the case with Nicole who grew up lanky and awkward with pale skin pronone to freckling under the fierce Australian sun. She escaped her insurances through drama and the arts, where involvement with Jane Campion led her to understand acting was her future.

Just as Persephone married the all-powerful Hades to ease her way, Nicole married Hollywood's "king", Tom Cruise, contemporary a natural aversion to public scrutiny. She adopts an ice-queen face to mask her panic attacks, which she especially suffers on the red carpet. This is where Persephone really cuts loose and lets her presence known by dancing wildly in her Solar Plexus, the chakra that Nicole needs to nurture the most.

Liv Tyler Born 1 July 1977 Goddess birth sign Diana

Powerful and protective, Diana rules over nature, fertility, children and providence. Hippy-raised Liv is the manifestation of Diana's energy with her ethereal looks and nature-loving, egalitarian approach to life.

She is well known for her off-beat roles that win international acclaim, a laid-back character and high-profile boyfriends … these attributes all stem from a deeply loyal and loving relationship with her celebrity parents.

From her first day at school as a chubby kid with braces to the inevitable rise to fame, Liv remains level-headed and grounded in the face her celebrity. Even her occasional foray into a alternative fashion is further proof of her Diana-inspired conviction to 'keep it real'.

Anna Paquin Born 24 July 1982 Goddess birth sign Pele

Full of passionate energy, Pele gals love being the center of attention and the life of the party – when they come out of dormancy, that is.

Anna Paquin was a 10-year-old schoolgirl when her Oscar-winning role in The Piano catapulted her to fame. That she hides her Oscar in her closet out of consideration to others is an indication of the self-control and inner power that lies beneath a calm surface.

She may wear conservative clothing to industry functions, but occasionally she reveals a glimpse of a fiery nature – at the Drama Desk Awards last year her Pele side came to the fore when she unleashed her feminine power in a hiked-hem provocative dress. Watch this space for her full power to come gushing to fruition!

Cameron Diaz Born 30 August 1972 Goddess birth sign Hestia

Hestia girls are creatures of habit and organization, purity, sincerity, sanctity and safety. One only needs to look at the tight and private relationship she has with toy-boy Justin Timberlake to know that Cameron values ​​honesty and integrity highly in relationships.

According to industry insiders, the sweet and innocent Cameron that you see on screen is a glimpse of the real-life girl that is ruled by Hestia.

She was a sex-bomb in her early movies, but is now better known for her sweet girl-next-door roles that have become her signature.

As Cameron's inner Hestia values ​​a fruitful home life above all, do not be surprised to hear news of her stepping across the threshold with her man in tow …

Susan Sarandon Born 4 October 1946 Goddess birth sign Venus

Venus women have a sense of style and appreciation for acts of love, pleasure and romance. In this respect, Susan Sarandon leads the way in redefining the image of 'dignified Hollywood woman'.

In true Venus style, Susan can balance her love for the good things in life with her concern that others get the chance to experience it too – ie, if everyone is happy the Venus gal is happy too. Her active support for issues that affect her fellow Americans (even leading to her arrest some cases) and her role as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF is proof of this.

Some of Susan's film role choices reflect her Venus core – sexy groupie, seductress, Rocky Horror tart, witch, bloodsucker, nun, fun seeker and suicidal rebel … I can not wait to see the next decadent "wild side" this Venus gal chooses to explore.

Demi Moore Born 11 November 1962 Goddess birth sign Bast

Courageous, strong and fearless in the face of vermin, Bast girls show an abiding patience in seeking vengeance for wrong doings. By far this attribute is evident in her micro-bikini clad role in Charlie's Angels – who'd want to be at the other end of one of her weapons of vengeance ?!

You do not need to be a villain to feel the sting of Demi's wrath. When critics questioned her nudity in films, they felt her snakes bite in her comment; "There's this idea that if you take your clothes off, somehow you must have loose morals. There's still a negative attitude in our society towards women who use a strength that's inherent – their femininity – in any way that might be considered seductive. "

So watch out 😉 While she is fiercely loyal to her children and lovers, she'll be quick to show her claws if you step out of line!

Lucy Liu Born 2 December 1968 Goddess sign Rhiannon

Welsh goddess of fertility and rebirth, transformation, wisdom, and magic, Rhiannon girls seek adventure and travel. Lucy can not be a better role model for Rhiannon gals. In her pursuit of assertive and feisty roles where she can really get her teeth into unleashing her inner adventurer, Lucy proves that Rhiannon's energy is raging within.

Patroness of voice, Rhiannon guided Lucy through her difficult high school years where she suffered an identity crisis thanks to her English and Mandarin speaking background. She taught Lucy to ask for what she really wanted, and today we see where this got her – she has risen above the stereo-typed Asian roles and is respected by Hollywood as a serious actress worth her weight in lapis lazuli, cats-eye and exotic Revlon products.

Diane Keaton Born 5 January 1946 Goddess birth sign Demeter

Just like their patroness who scoured the earth and Under World for her kidnapped daughter Persephone, Demeter gals stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Champion of causes, Diane gained attention in her first major stage role (in the rock musical Hair) by not stripping off.

Diane's fashion inclining towards unisex clothes tells the world she is ready for action and she is going to do it her way. This Demeter attitude extends to her family situation also – she has never married but has two children, Dexter and Duke.

Find out what your own goddess birth sign is at Goddess.com.au .