Disney Die Schöne und das Biest im Deutschen Theater


Es ist einer der größten Erfolge aus dem Hause Disney: Als Realverfilmung mit Emma Watson stürmt „Die Schöne und das Biest“ derzeit weltweit die Kinocharts und auch der Zeichentrickfilm begeisterte mit seinem phänomenalen, mehrfach Grammy- und Oscar-prämierten Soundtrack das Publikum. Als Musical eroberte das zauberhafte Märchen vom Broadway aus ein weiteres Mal die Herzen der Fans: Weltweit haben mehr als 25 Millionen Menschen mit Belle und dem Biest gelebt, gelitten und vor allem geliebt. Jetzt ist das Musical in der Originalfassung endlich wieder auf Tour! Freuen Sie sich auf das wunderbare Märchenerlebnis mit seinen fabelhaften Darstellern, ausgefeilten Tanzszenen, farbenprächtigen Bildern und seiner gefühlvollen Musik.


DISNEY DIE SCHÖNE UND DAS BIEST kommt mit einer rachtvollen Ausstattung auf die Bühne und macht das romantische Märchen auch dadurch zu einem unvergleichlichen Erlebnis. Das vielseitige Ensemble sprüht vor Energie und begeistert mit wirbelnden Tanzszenen und hinreißendem Gesang. Musikalisch in Szene gesetzt werden die wunderbaren Klassiker wie „Märchen schreibt die Zeit“ durch das mit 21 Musikern hochkarätig besetzte Orchester. Die Disney-Charaktere werden in der Inszenierung des Budapester Operettentheaters mit viel Liebe zum Leben erweckt, angefangene bei der mutigen Belle über das verzauberte Biest bis hin zur charmanten Dienerschaft: Voller Eifer schmieden Madame Pottine, Herr von Unruh und der Kerzenständer Lumière Verkupplungspläne, um den bösen Zauber zu bannen, mit dem ihr Herr belegt wurde. Doch so schnell ist aus einem Ungeheuer kein Gentleman gemacht … Sprechende Kerzenleuchter, verzauberte Stehuhren und singende Teekannen entführen in eine Welt, die unendlich viel Stoff zum Träumen und Lachen birgt.

Breaking News – Emma Watson dances in the street during autumnal walk

She rocketed to fame as a child star in Harry Potter, before going on to complete an array of film and modelling contracts.And Emma Watson, who is known for her reserved appearance, was seen putting on an usually playful display as she enjoyed an autumnal walk with pals in London on Friday.The 27-year-old Beauty And The Beast actress appeared jovial as she took to the leafy streets with her pals, performing a little dance.Embracing the plummeting temperatures, the British star slipped into a pair of high-waisted jeans and a black sweater as she meandered through the streets.She bundled up in a hat and long grey coat, before throwing a few shapes as her amused friends looked on.Punching the air she seemed in relaxed spirits as she began her busy day ahead.Her appearance came a month after she revealed she ‘stands by’ the brave women speaking out in the midst of the Harvey Weinstein scandal after the disgraced film mogul was accused of rape and sexual harassment.The Miramax co-founder was sacked from his position earlier this month after numerous women – including actresses Ashley Judd and Ambra Battilana – went public about his alleged behaviour.The producer who has ties to almost every big name in Hollywood worked with Emma in 2011 when she starred in his film My Week With Marilyn.The actress and campaigner for equal rights tweeted at the time in support of the women who had come forward.Posting to Twitter, she wrote: ‘I stand with all the women who have been sexually harassed, and am awestruck by their bravery. This mistreatment of women has to stop. ‘Watson worked with Weinstein when she was 19 on a film his company was producing.They were pictured together shortly after partying in Central London after a night at the BAFTAs.In images taken at the time, a young Watson can be seen leaving Mahiki nighclub in London as the then 58-year-old producer grabbed her from behind.In recent years Watson has become a leading figure in the fight for gender equality after taking up her position as Women Goodwill Ambassador for the UN in 2014.More than 40 women have now accused the 65-year-old Weinstein of harassment or abuse.Actresses including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Lupita Nyong’o have accused Weinstein of harassment, while actresses Asia Argento and Rose McGowan said he raped them.The Television Academy, which bestows Emmy awards, said a disciplinary hearing set for November could lead to termination of his membership.He has already been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Producers Guild and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.Weinstein now faces criminal inquiries in three cities after an Italian actress told Los Angeles detectives that Weinstein raped her in a hotel room in 2013.The film boss has previously denied ‘any claims of non-consensual sex’.
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Apparently Sheep Can Recognize Emma Watson, Barack Obama and Other Celebs

Sheep seemed to recognize the faces of Barack Obama, Emma Watson, and even Jake Gyllenhaal in a new study. And you thought you were so special, human. Recognizing human faces is a skill you may take for granted—but you’re also a human. Past research has shown that horses, dogs, and even mockingbirds can discern between individuals of other species. During one set of trials, they were made to discern between their handler (whose photo they’d never seen before) and a new face. Maybe they just didn’t like that the non-familiar lacked a reward, for example.

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Women’s Empowerment – Supercut

Showing how modern and conventional films allow a representation of either empowering or invalidating a woman through character actions and/or camera views.

https://soundcloud.com/pancakeears/black-beauty-short-film-song-idea-2 – Black Beauty Short Film Song Idea 2 – Pancake Ears

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9SUAcNlVQ4 – Emma Watson to United Nations: I’m a feminist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmRw1Yd2zeQ – Michelle Obama’s speech in 6 minutes about women rights and their body: MUST WATCH

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Women Equality

This little feature promotes women’s equality, that women have the right to equality, promoting that message with the help of the speech from Emma Watson, Anne Halfway and Rose McGowan’s on women equality.

Telaraña del amor de Emma Watson | Cuéntamelo YA!… Al fin

Este día en ‘la telaraña del amor’, traemos la lista de romances de Emma Watson. La actriz británica conocida por su papel en la saga de Harry Potter, compartió su vida a lado de personalidades como Tom Felton, Jay Barrymore, Rafael Cebrian y el mexicano Roberto Aguirre.

Sigue la diversión y la información de tus artistas favoritos también en sábado con Cuéntamelo YA!… al fin en donde Deyanira Rubí, Cynthia Urias, Odalys Ramírez y Paul Stanley llenarán tu fin de semana de diversión. Sábado 10:00 am #ConLasEstrellas

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Daniel Radcliffe — Un-Titled Project Magazine

Full interview: utpmag.com/project/daniel-radcliffe

You know how this script tends to go; precocious child becomes child performer becomes child star. Child star becomes phenomenally famous and indecently wealthy. Child star’s childhood is more about press junkets than the playground. Child star experiences belated adolescence and goes off the rails in epically messy, tabloid fuelling style: cue smirk-smeared mug shots, ‘WTF?’ relationship choices and a quickstep in and out of rehab.

Except that’s not how it panned out for Daniel Radcliffe. Aged 11, Radcliffe was catapulted into the name leagues of stratospheric fame when he was cast as the lead in mega-franchise Harry Potter, something that only increased as he grew up on screen over the course of eight films. A blessed position of course, but one that could justifiably send anyone a little bonkers (and, let’s be frank, what teenager wouldn’t? I’d be worried for myself if I saw my adolescence in print). And yet, Radcliffe has remained about as normal as you can get in very not-normal circumstances (his Potter co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are also narrative eschewing in their level-headedness; something went very right on those sets).

But perhaps Radcliffe’s biggest feat is that, now aged 26, he’s managed to forge a career as a character actor who isn’t shackled to a role so deeply ingrained in pop culture (not that Potter, as he affectionately calls it, is off-bounds either; there’s a gratitude implicit in Radcliffe’s amenability, that he’s well aware that playing such a cherished part has also given him a lot of freedom). Post-Potter choices are as unpredictable as they are interesting; a troubled teen in Equus and Cripple Billy in The Cripple of Inishmaan, both on the stage, with parts on screen as diverse as Allen Ginsberg (Kill Your Darlings), a blink-and-you-miss-it tongue-in-cheek turn in Trainwreck, and as Igor in Victor Frankenstein on film. Not to be second-guessed, when I spoke to Radcliffe in August he was in the middle of filming indie-pic Swiss Army Man, apparently about a man who befriends a dead body. Well, if anyone can fly in the face of typecasting and cliché, it’s Radcliffe, throwing in his own plot twists every step of the way.

BUSTED: @Slate Writer Sexualized “Alluring” Emma Watson When She Was 11 Years Old


Slate Magazine writer David Edelstein sexualized “Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson when she was just 11 years old, a GotNews review of a 2001 movie review written by Edelstein reveals.

On November 16th, 2001, Edelstein wrote a piece titled “Flat Magic” for Slate, in which he reviewed the recently released “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” film. Edelstein wrote: “The prepubescent Watson is absurdly alluring to those of us who always went for bossy girls; when she fixed her sharp brown eyes on Radcliffe and said, ‘Harreh, do be keh-ful,’ my heart did about five somersaults.”:


Watson was only 11 years old at the time Slate ran the article, and was just ten years old when the movie’s filming took place.

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This is most curious, given how Slate published a piece today by Joseph Fischel titled “How Calling Kevin Spacey a Pedophile Hurts the Gay Community.” Fischel argues that Spacey’s unwanted sexual advances on a 14-year-old boy do not count as pedophilia, writing: ” To be clear, under no clinical diagnostic I know of does a drunken, aggressive, and deeply stupid pass at a teenager qualify as pedophilia. Indeed, one working definition of pedophilia is ‘ongoing sexual attraction to prepubertal children … who are generally age 13 years or younger.’”

Under this definition, Watson, then aged ten, would clearly count as “prepubertal” – or “prepubescent,” as Edelstein originally described her.

Stay tuned for more.

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12 Unknown Facts About Emma Watson That Will Make You Adore Her Even More – ScrollToday

Who doesn’t know Hermione Granger? The most beautiful and sexy witch ever in Hogwarts. The whole world fell for her as soon as she started acting in Harry Potter series.

In the beginning, people loved her innocence but in the later years, people started seeing her for her good looks. But apart from her beautiful looks and excellent performance she has some more interesting facts that make her even more valuable.

So, let’s explore more about her.

1. She excels in studies


Emma Watson is a Brown University graduate. She has always been a straight-A student. Her parents have always told her the importance of studies and that’s why she has been extremely particular about her studies along with her career.

2. Certified yoga and meditation instructor


She took yoga and meditation in order to unwind herself. But it was not long before she started training in it and became a certified yoga and meditation instructor.

3. She keeps a diary


She is a journal girl. She loves to record everything in her journal and till date she has already written 36 journals.

4. She loves to explore in kitchen


She loves to cook in the kitchen for relaxation. She also loves the appreciation she receives from her family for her food.

5. Prisoner of Azkaban…


The first two parts of the Harry Potter were not very helpful for Emma. But she says that the third part has helped her in growing as an actor.

6. She is born in Paris


Emma is born in the land of romance and fashion that is Paris (explains her fashion sense). She can also speak a little bit of French but she is not very fluent in the language.

7. She was about to quit Harry Potter series


When she was working for last few parts of the series at that time she was close to quitting the series. She thought that her growing career and all the promotional activities aren’t giving her a chance to pursue her hobbies and interest. But then decided against it and ended up completing the series. Couldn’t have been able to imagine the last few parts without Hermione.

8. She broke in a hotel pool at 3:00 A.M. once


She was once partying with her friend when she decided to do something adventurous and fun. She then jumped the fence of the hotel in order to get to the pool. HAHAHA!!! She is the best!!!

9. Had a crush on Tom Felton


She clearly admitted that she had a crush on Tom Felton a.k.a Draco Malfoy. Even Tom knew about this crush thing but instead, he treated her like a sister.

10. She is passionate about fashion


Emma believes in style, fashion, and grace and that’s why she is very particular about her attires and dresses. She even appeared on the cover page of Vogue magazine at the age of 15.

11. Emma has half twin younger sisters


Emma has twin half-sisters who played the role of Pauline (Emma’s childhood character) in ‘Ballet Shoes’.

12. She gave 8 auditions for Hermoine’s role


Emma was auditioned 8 times before she was finalized for the role of Hermione Granger.

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Emma Watson Biography | Family | Childhood | House | Net worth | Car collection | Life style 2017

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Emma Watson
British actress

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.
Born: 15 April 1990 (age 27), Paris, France
Height: 1.65 m
Education: Brown University (2014), MORE
Siblings: Nina Watson, Lucy Watson, Toby Watson, Alex Watson
Parents: Jacqueline Luesby, Chris Watson