Bonde Do Role – A Biography

Bonde do Role is a funk-inspired group from Curitiba, Brazil consisting of MCs Pedro D'Eyrot, Laura Taylor, Ana Bernardino, and DJ / MC Rodrigo Gorky. The group started in their hometown Curitiba in the south of Brazil in 2004, mixing sexual riffs with funk carioca, also known as baile funk – a Brazilian, and particularly Rio-based, party funk sound.

Bonde played their first gig 200 kilometers away from home, on a boat and already the music was taking on a life of its own. Before long, International producer Diplo, already obsessed with baile funk, heard one of their demos and signed them to his own fledgling label, Mad Decent, before signing to Domino in 2006.

The band did their first major tour in 2006 with CSS and in March of the same year, Rolling Stone magazine picked the band as one of the "10 Bands to Watch", where they were described as "Brazilian party starters". The following month The New York Times praised the band's work as well.

Bonde's music has been used in a variety of media; Solta o Frango is currently heard in a worldwide campaign for Nokia, the track was also used in another commercial for the hit series Ugly Betty on Channel 4 in the UK, it is also featured on the soundtrack of Electronic Arts game Fifa 2008 and on 2008's movie The Ruins. GQ magazine used their song "Office Boy" for the behind-the-scenes photo shoot of actress Jessica Alba by photographer Terry Richardson.

In 2008, the band toured around the world, including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, We Love Sounds festival in Australia and others. In the same year, the band was nominated in two categories (band of the year and song of the year) at the Brazilian MTV Video Music Awards, and performed a medley live at the show.

Bonde currently have their own interview television show on MTV Brazil and are working on their second album with a variety of producers, including DJ Chernobyl (who also worked on their first record), Diplo, Switch, Boys Noize among others. The band will be playing numerous festivals including the Secret Garden Party and the Underage Festival, as well as a show at Fabric in London. Bonde are currently recording their follow up album to their 2007 critically acclaimed debut 'With Lasers' which is set for a 2010 release.

Fantastic Four Movie – Live Action Comic Book Heroes

The Fantastic Four became a popular super hero team after the release of their comic books via Marvel Comics in late 1960. Comic book lovers lost no time taking a liking to the four main characters, who gained super powers after being exposed to cosmic rays during a mission to outer space for the sake of science. Characters that would later be brought to life through live action in these movies.

Who is the Fantastic Four and why are they fantastic? Here's the who and why:

Reed Richards also known as Mister. Fantastic, who can stretch and reshape his body in inhuman ways

Susan Storm Richards also known as Invisible Woman, who is able to use light to make herself as well as others and objects around her invisible

Johnny Storm also known as The Human Torch, who can both control and project fire from his body. Additionally he is able to fly.

Ben Grimm also known as The Thing, who is transformed and has orange rock-like skin and super human strength.

In the film adaptations (The original movie and its sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) the characters were portrayed by actors Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Micheal Chiklis and actress Jessica Alba.

The Fantastic Four movies were certainly long awaited by comic book fans that enjoy seeing their favorite stories come to life on the big screen.

Like most comic books, the Fantastic Four's success led to much media interest, bringing about animated television series, video games, action figures and other merchandise. Yet, the super foursome would not hit the theaters until 2005; despite the fact that Constantin Film purchased character rights to make a film in the mid-1980's, and even released a low budget version of the Fantastic Four movies in the early 1990's, which would never receive an official release.

20th Century Fox Film Corporation would later pick up the rights to the film and attempt to give it the big budget adaptation comic book fans felt the characters and their story deserved. However, fans of the classic comic books and comic book based movie lovers, as well as critics have combined reviews to the first film and again to its sequel. The films were merely called decent in their best reviews. Still, there is talk of another film joining the Fantastic Four movies franchise. A reboot that may feature a whole new cast and give the fearsome foursome a facelift!

Bellefit Maternity on FOX 13 News

Plus, Listen up new moms we are sharing one of our favorite ways to get your body back into shape after delivering your bundle of joy….

This is the Place with Dave Nemeth and Brooke and Brittany Graham

Welcome back to the show. It’s time for Beauty Buzz and today we’re getting a little bit personal.
So we heard celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian saying that they had great success after baby by wearing Girdles.

The word alone can scare you away: girdles, corsets…once I became pregnant every person seemed to come up and tell me I needed to try one of these after having my baby.
I kind of brushed them off but decided last minute to grab one I am so happy I did!
So it’s called the Bellefit Postpartum Corset and it’s actually FDA approved so this is an actual medical device, some insurance & doctors even cover it.

Yeah, because if you haven’t had a baby, which we had no clue, we were quite naive I must say, everything just feels like its just hanging out, its a little lose, your tummy is loose after you have the baby so this kind of just feels like its sucking it back together.

And thankfully they have a model showing you how to put one one instead of us. So it’s kind of a little tricky because you slide in, and then my husband would walk into the room, you have to lay on your back and lace it up because it is tight but the good thing is they have a lot of different sizes and they actually have two different rows of the hooks, as you can see right there, so as
your body kind of shrinks back you can tighten it up as you go. Which is really really nice.

And I did have two different sizes because my body did change that much in just two weeks because it does after you have a baby, you’re a different size every day it seems like!
I was a little more faithful than Brittany, I wore it morning , night, exercising, I wore mine all the time just because it felt really good to have something so tight and I think it works great. It really made me feel a lot better and I think it gives you a little of peace of mind.

Now that we’re four months out, we’re no longer wearing them. We just did for the first couple of months. And thankfully they also had another person do a before and after picture so you don’t have to see ours. But you can kind of see the whole process, pretty crazy what bodies can do, it’s pretty impressive.

If you guys want to get one of these they’re pretty much available anywhere, Amazon, Target or you can go to they always have a good deal or a promotion going look for a promo code and they usually have it.
And that is our Beauty Buzz for today!