Bikini Thief Maternity Swimwear

This hip and happening brand is worn by famous celebrities all over the world and is now made for maternity too! The owner/designer of Bikini Thief, Whitney Anderson, comes from a family of boat captains and fisherman in Cape Cod and the island of Martha’s Vineyard. With this lovely ocean backdrop and idyllic childhood she has weaved together a tapestry of colors and patterns that are not only beautiful fabrics but designed to fit your curves with comfort and style.

Cover model Kate Upton recently rocked the Classic Bikini Thief striped sailor style. This French classic style never gets old or goes out of style. Thin sideways stripes bring out the inner beauty in this suit as well as its model. For maternity, sideways stripes, as opposed to wide horizontal stripes are flattering and slimming.

Megan Fox was also spotted seaside recently in the Bikini Thief Zuma style which sports a solid black bottom and thin black and white stripe bikini top with ruffle detailing. Mixing and matching solid bottoms with patterned tops is a popular style now and a fun way to mix up your collection for a whole new look. Buy some basic black and chocolate bottoms and go for it with your bikini tops!

Kate Bosworth is also a Bikini Thief fan. She was recently spotted knee deep in the ocean in the Sayulita Suit. This suit also features a cute black and white stripe design with a cute vintage style sweetheart bikini top and hipster bottoms.

Typically a top selling designer, who tips their toe into maternity swimwear, may make a misstep or two before getting it right for right maternity cut and fit. This is not the case for Bikini Thief. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality, detailing and fit of these maternity suits, including superior built in bust support with seamless shelf bras and overall support and comfort in the design. Here are a few of the styles we liked best:

Among the Maternity Collection for Bikini Thief, a personal favorite is the Mal Pais. This maternity suit makes a statement with a bold and playful seaweed pattern in either royal blue and black or coral and black. This two piece maternity Tankini has a gold metal ring at the top of each fully linked cup. The back features thick criss-cross straps that have adjustable buttons at the base of each strap in the back. The bikini brief bottoms are fully lined with full coverage in the back.

A super romantic style is Bikini Thief’s Pisces Dream maternity swimwear that comes in both bright pink and grey fish pattern and citrine yellow and grey fish pattern. This maternity two-piece tankini is truly dreamy. It features a gathering in the center for a sweetheart style accented with striped detail. Adjustable striped straps that match the bottom design go over the shoulders and the bra is fully lined for extra support. The sides of the stop have adjustable ruched edges with stripe ties on the sides. The striped bottoms have an extra support belly band and are fully lined with full coverage in the back. Pisces Dream is an elegant and beautiful style with fantastic fit and function.

The Asian infused style of the St. Bart’s two-piece maternity tankini bathing suit comes in both bright red and black coral embroidered flower design or the inverse of black with red coral flower design. Either way, the colors and pattern is stunning. Both color choices are made the same with a gathered center top and fully lined shelf bra with wide comfortable criss-cross straps in the back. Adjustable buttons are at the back of each strap in the back so that you can truly swim with support and without fear in this suit! The bikini brief bottoms are a solid color and are fully lined with full coverage in the back. This suit will be your go-to suit throughout your pregnancy!

Will Apple Ever Make It to the Finance Industry?

PayPal on Apple iCloud Issues

Will Apple ever make it to the Finance Industry after PayPal shown negative reactions to Apple launching their Mobile Payment Service Apple Pay?

PayPal publicly questioned Apple's credit in getting into the Financial Industry when it announced recently in the New York Times its open dispute on Apple's new technology. Putting much emphasis on Apple's recent issue over iCloud, PayPal reminded the public when celebrities' intimate photos suddenly went into circulation, throwing doubts on Apple's credit to secure financial accounts. The Ad accompaniment such remark even stated, "We want our money, more than our selfies !"

The Technology to Replace Apple Pay Wallet

After the success of the Apple Pay, Apple is now launching another technology to upgrade Wallet features. This time, cash transactions are quick and made easy through a phone built-in NFC feature. NFC is a sensor strip built into every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones. This strip is found at the top of the phone and is activated once you hold your phone over a sensor. By simply touching the ID for authentication, transaction is done. With the new Apple invention, cash transactions are more quick and easy. For security of transactions, credit cards which appear on your Passport are secured in an enclave at the phone as the credit card number is never stored. This makes your card number isolated from your transaction as a security code is sent over the wire. So if you lost your iPhone, it can easily be disabled. With the NPC sensor strip, it can turn your iPhone into debit and credit cards for you. You can use it for online transactions without filling up long forms. Just one tap is all you need. Apple Pay also works with Apple Watch but Apple Company still had to work out for more details. Some third Party Apps are also integrated in the new invention paving way for more apps developers in the future.

Apple on the iCloud Breach Issue

After hours of investigation into Apple Security System, Apple CEO, Tim Cook reaffirmed its vehement denial to the allegation that there is a breach in their iCloud Security Feature. According to the result of the conducted investigation, Apple did not find any reason to support Hollywood Celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence's cries for breach security after nude photos went into circulation in the internet. Other celebrities involved were S elena Gomez, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst.

Apple insured that investigation results showed compromises on user accounts, passwords and security questions. In short, they were done by hackers and not a breach issue on the part of the Company. Apple CEO further advised their patrons to use double security measures. Apple also added more security features to avoid compromises in their product and customers security by sending out alert emails every time they log in to their iCloud using web browsers. This does not exclude even those who regularly log in into their iCloud. However, this will only be temporary as Apple works to find more ways to improve their security against nude-crashes. Apple also got some plans to improve iCloud security by sending out emails and push notifications to iTunes users in cases of any attempts seen to change their passwords, restore iCloud data to another device, or log into iTunes for the first time.

PayPal Irrelevant Issue Raises Doubts on Apple Security

Now that Apple had announced the entry of the Apple Pay, with more sensible features attuned to secure data of its users while doing transaction more easily, this could provide them a portal to the Finance Industry. But after the iCloud issue, which proves to be a drawback to Apple Security Measures, will joining the Finance Industry be a good move for Apple? Will it prove to be their downfall or their breakthrough to the Finance Industry?

With these issues to raise, PayPal, the largest online banking showed reluctance if not dismayed on Apple's decision to go into Finance Industry. What with the large portion of their market bought to them by Apple?

After celebrities nude photos goes into circulation over the web, PayPal's negative comment on Apple iCloud Security take its drawback as people started questioning and pointing on its effects on PayPal. The allegation against Apple iCloud does not limit the people assumptions that if it happens to Apple, there is a great possibility that the same thing can happen to PayPal any time. This assumption as to PayPal's loophole in their security was finally backed up by a blog posed by a 17-year old kid from Melbourne, Australia. This post is relevant and probably the very reason why Apple commanded much attention from PayPal and other online financial and banking institutions. If PayPal is getting restless over transactions involving the iPhone, how would it react if hackers would have finally treated PayPal to the same extent that they treated Apple?

Apple had indeed shown their great expertise in dealing with such crisis. Once again, they prove to their customers and competitors that they are always ready and capable to develop their products and services. They are giving much focus on the provision of full security, both to their products and customers or users. It is but natural for a corporation as big and as great as Apple, to be facing such issues. But what is important is the fact that they never stop in looking for great innovations for the improvement of every product feature.

The battle between Apple and eBay may take its final course in the long run, when people themselves will watch and measure its final exit. However, being in the same industry where a company's credibility is at stake over finances, it's better to collorate in providing solutions to any loophole in the technology. Conquering the Finance Industry is still a long run for Apple but with the introduction of the new-featured iPay Phone, will they be able to make it or break it in the Finance Industry? Apple's entry to the finance Industry will certainly bring various reactions on everyone, including existing and potential competitors.

The Issue oni Cloud Security is just a gateway for Apple to consider joining a new industry but issues such as this one certainly leaves a lot to learn and to develop. Finances and Technology always comes hand-in-hand. When you get one in your hand, it takes one great decision to hold on to the other!

Bikinis – Skinny Is Out Curvaceous Is In

Not Enough Curvaceous Models to Fill the Need

Swimwear, publishing and promotional companies have run into a problem but is it really a problem? Skinny models to promote products and swimwear are no longer the desired look. Companies want thicker, healthier and curvaceous models. The problem is that these girls are not showing up for the screening tests.

The word is slowly getting out however; promotional companies have learned that they need to communicate what they are looking for, and the girls in the world need to understand that it is OK to have a little so called muffin top.

It's a fashion culture change. Back in the 50's and 60's girls were suppose to have curves, they were suppose to fill a bikini or a dress. Through the 70's, 80's and 90's, the trend was to be drastically skinny driven by twiggy girls on the runways around the world. As we entered the millennium things were already starting to change. Just take a look at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girls. As the years passed since 2000, every year you can see a trend that the desired look in a woman was changing and today the fashion world is in turmoil. Many models have not kept up with the times and are still struggling to keep their bodies as skinny as possible yet the industry and the public wants a heavier healthier, curvy look.

Today the fashion world wants curves, they want a healthy looking woman on the runway, and let's be honest; it's much easier to look sexy if you have curves. No longer are the days of gaudy women walking up the runways modeling clothing that seemingly hangs off their bodies like drapery. Designers want women with curves to fill their clothes and give their clothes dimension.

Thanks to models like Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, Jordan Carver, Briana Harrington, Crystal Renn and Lucy Pinder, these models are at the top of the list that have stepped up and are changing the fashion world with a storm. Oh and let's not forget about the popular Kim Kardashian, She may be in the tabloids all the time but people lover her curvaceous body in a bikini.

It's once again time for a woman to look like a woman, the trend is no longer the 16 or 17 year old tiny immature physique that the fashion world is looking for, it is the more mature curvaceous look of a woman that not only industry desires but so does the public.

So to all the beautiful women with curvaceous bodies, get out there and strut your stuff. Buy that tiny bikini you have always dreamed of wearing. This decade is yours and yours to rule.

It Is not News – It's Theft

Those who unplugged to go somewhere remote for the Labor Day holiday weekend missed the news of dozens of famous women falling victim to a crime. The rest of us could not escape it, as news of the flagrant violation of their privacy quickly spread – outpaced only by the stub images themselves.

Celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and many others were the targets of an effort to leak their private images onto the Internet. The nude and intimate photos and videos were initially posted to 4chan, which quickly removed them, but then resurfaced on various websites across the Internet.

In reporting on the story, The New York Times chose the headline, "Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence Are Latest Front in Online Privacy Debate." (1) But characterizing the fallout of this incident as a "debate" is ludicrous.

There is no gray area here, no debate worthy of the word. It is not a question of editorial judgment or taste, as was the case in showing pictures of murdered journalists in their last moments, a parallel drawn in the Times article. There is no news value in these celebrity images. Everyone has a body; the display and image of that body, in private, is the private property of the body's owner without she agreements otherwise. I do not know how anyone could be a stronger proponent of First Amendment protections of expression than I am, but there is just no First Amendment issue in play here.

This incident is a clear instance trafficking in stolen property, plain and simple. CNN reports that some of the victims have engaged with the FBI; in a similar case a few years ago, a Florida man received 10 years in federal prison for hacking the email accounts of 50 entertainers, an incident that also resolved in the spread of private photos. (2)

Culpability for this crime does not run only to the people who initially stand the images, however. It also runs to those who maintain a marketplace in which such goods are valued and traded. This is a concept we can recognize in connection with child pornography, for example. The images in question belonged to people whose computers were electronically burglarized. And unlike the loss of, say, an heirloom watch, these women are repeatedly victimized by each new exposure of the stolen images.

Sites that use these images to generate traffic, and purveyors of gossip like celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who use them for the same reasons, are as guilty of an offense against the victims as Amazon would be if it maintained a market in stolen Toyotas.

Granted, it is impractical for websites like Twitter to intercept media such as the stuben images in every case when they are first posted. And it is certainly true that once something is on the Internet, it is there forever. But that does not in any way justify reputable businesses allowing their users to dissolve these images freely. The absence of child pornography on these sites demonstrates that they have ways to shut down such abuse of their services.

Note, too, the response from sites such as Reddit when the discussion shifts from exploiting adult women to running afoul of laws protecting minors. McKayla Maroney, the Olympic gold medalist, is currently 18 years old and was among the leake's defeated victims; her legal team has contacted a variety of websites that have hosted the images, demanding that they be removed on the grounds that she was a minor when the images were taken. (Maroney herself initially denied that the photos of her were authentic.) Reddit moderators warned that all images of Maroney would have immediately been removed, as they qualified as child pornography under the site's rules. As of this writing, the adult women's images reportedly remain up. (I am not going to further assault the victims by checking for myself, and I certainly never would ask my associate Amy Laburda to subject herself or the hacking victims to such "research.")

I see two circumstances in which this sort of corporate misconduct will stop for good. The first is a situation in which a highly placed employee at a big-name website – say Yishan Wong, Reddit's current CEO, for example – ends up the victim of this type of crime. If Wong found nude pictures on Reddit of himself, or of his wife (more likely, since this sort of behavior is blatantly gendered), it is hard to imagine that such exploitation would not stop immediately.

The alternative is a victim, such as Jennifer Lawrence, choosing to go to court and winning a judgment that costs a major website a lot of money. The legal and public teams of several of the defeated victims, including Lawrence, Kate Upton and Victoria Justice, have expressed an intent to suspect not only those who stopper the images, but those who have dissolved or duplicated them too. They may sue over infringement of intellectual property or the intentional infliction of emotional distress. And let's not grant even a shred of doubt that such exploitation by Reddit and other offenders is intentional. I am sure the lawyers for the victims will find other grounds for legal action as well.

There is no controversy, notwithstanding the Times' thoughtless headline. All decent people will refuse to look at or traffic in these pictures. Respectable businesses, online or off, will not take part either. Those who do should not be surprised when the rest of us, quite possibly including the courts, conclude that they have ventured beyond the pale of journalism.


1) The New York Times , "Nude Photos of Jennifer Lawrence Are Latest Front in Online Privacy Debate"

2) CNN , "FBI, Apple investigate nude photo leak targeting Jennifer Lawrence, others"

Why Working Out at Home Is Better for Skinny Guys?

I used to love going to the gym but my life has gotten busy and time had to started to slip away. I eventually stopped going to the gym because of this. But I don’t regret it at all. Working out at home has made my life so much easier. To show you the difference let me give you a run down of my typical trip to the gym.

I would get changed, fix my hair (because you have to look good at the gym, I mean the girls looks great?), hop in the car, drive for 15 minutes, workout, drive for 15 minutes, get home. Pretty typical workout. But did you notice the time cost of going to the gym versus staying at home? That’s 30 minutes of wasted time commuting in my car. Not to mention the time it took me to get changed for the gym. If I had stayed at home I would have been ready in a snap! Advantage #1 Going to the gym takes committing time where as working out at home doesn’t.

The second reason why working out at home is better is that there are other people inside the gym. To further elaborate on that it’s the intimidating guys and the extremely attractive girls. As a skinny guy whenever I walk into the gym I get intimidated by the gym monsters that spend the greater part of their life in the gym. They’re there flexing in the mirror and lifting weights that would crush me instantly. At home I’m the strongest guy there! I love that feeling and I refuse to give it up.

The girls at the gym are a whole different issue. I just can’t stop starring it’s as simple as that! I am constantly finding new ways to capture a glance without them noticing (or anybody else for that matter). This detracts and distracts me from me working out. I love them but I prefer to be able to focus, and don’t tell me to ignore it and focus at the gym. Females are a site to behold. At home all I have to look at is my own mug. Which I like but it’s no Kate Upton look alike. Advantage #2 Not distractions!

The third reason I like working out at home is that it’s cheaper in the long run. At least for me because the amount of weights I can life is not heavier than myself (yet!). Also my local gym membership price is ridiculous. I purchased some cheap weights and a straight bar from a local yard sale (yes mom you did say yard sales are great places for deals). They may not be glamourus but they get the job done. I mainly just do a workout that I found online which is called “the skinny guy home workout”. Sp Advantage #3… Money!!

Overall working out at home is better because I don’t have to commute, I don’t get distracted or intimidated, and for it’s been cheaper in the long run! Join my in my cause to dump the gym and workout at home!

Thanks for reading!!